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Any tips for using a health stone ?

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So I just bought a health stone and plan on using it for spice, any tips for me to get the most out of every hit ?
What do you mean by draw fast enough? and I got mine on www.Dhgate.com and it was under 30$ with free shipping, I would recommend that website for any smoking piece you need its pretty cheap for good quality glass and you'll see all the same pipes and bongs that the smoke shops have for half the price as the smoke shops.
when you pre-melt the spice onto the stone, don't just "give it a blast"; you risk burning your dose before you even get it into the GVG (or whatever pipe/device you are using)

place the stone on a glass surface and heat, from a distance, from UNDER the stone...this warms the stone gradually and you can see the spice slowly melt into the stone. this works perfectly.

a side note: this past weekend, i found a stone that had been pre-loaded almost 4 months ago. it had been kept air-tight and dark. no loss of potency whatsoever.

this is a good tip for "goo"....just dab goo onto stones and store away. no need to try to put it into a container. if you reX - that's another thing, but keep the stones full of goo for a later journey :thumb_up: :d
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