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Any tips on achieving a BREAKTHROUGH

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Hey, everybody! Hope this topic will be of some interest not only for me, as possibly many of you people are facing this question from time to time :)
So, I would be VERY grateful to you, if you could share some of your experience on achieving a BREAKTHROUGH (rather hard to describe it, but many of you just KNOW what I am talking about).
I am a newcomer to the spice scene, I can say I experienced what I could name as "breakthrough" just one time. It was my first time doing spice. Any words are just weak to describe, I can only say that I met Jaguar God himself and his help was unbelievable in getting understanding of sooo many of my unanswered questions on my current situation, death, life, universe, etc. etc. etc.
But this was just once 😉 All other journeys were extraordinary, indeed, but there was no more BREAKTHROUGH.
Do you have any techniques for achieving this? Any meditations, may be some breathworking... Just anything that works fine in your case.

Thanks a million in advance! 😉
I think the trick is to get as much in, in the shortest period of time. Its not like smoking mary jane, where you can relaxe and savour each toke. You have to be quite aggresive and in comparison with mary jane, greedy in your detirmination to get it in.

The other important point to learn, and this does take a little time and effort, is to gain confidence with the spice. You have to be brave. Its a little bit like being blindfolded and shuffleing forward towards some precipice. You have this fear, knowing that the next step you take may be your last. There is fear and trepedition. As you gain confidence in the spice you will realize, it will not hurt you. In no time at all you will find yourself hurtleing your self head first of that cliff screaming "Come on then give it to me!"

Good luck
I think it is important to remember that this is not a contest. Some may consider breaking thru as acheiving a state were your questions are answered or were one becomes aware of the fact that the questions themselives are not valid and no resolution is required.

I would recommend that you focus on intent. What is the real reason you are seeking this experance. If you do this sooner or later you will "break thru" and beleive me you will know it! Do not rely on others to validate your expereances. I wish you well.

Thanks a lot, my dearest colleagues! :lol: Firsts they are the most brave and adventureous usualy :)
What I think (and this opinion is based on numerous experiences, and it's totally subjective, that's for sure!) is that it's not a question of a "proper dosage". :roll: I can remember experiences with different substances included, in which so called breakthrough appeared to move you oh-so-far-away on a much smaller quantity of stuff than it was supposed. And a huge dose didn't guarantee anything except a necessity to be at your best awareness 😉
My intuition says it has some bonds with a state (or possibly a pocess?) I can describe as something-that-forms-before-intent. Yeah, I am focussing on intent not only before or while tripping, that's what bringing the most extraordinary trips, too, but I have feeling that SOMETHING is involved before the forming of a (life-)dream starts 😉 This power I feel is even more powerful than the power of intent, it's more "ancient" and "vivid" (?) As it seems mind is working at the same speed as this power after breakthrough, I suppose there could be a link missing...
Any ideas on that??? This force, I feel, acts on before-ego stage, so could be (or is) responsible for what is going on and why any personality is being chrystalized any second in this or that form...

THANK YOU ALL! Great talking with you guys! :d
Hi again! :)

I'm not leaving my attempts to get some knowledge (or intuition suggestions) on achieving a breakthrough.
So it's clear by far that taking into consideration all that follows may help:

1) "Quantity of stuff" - more is beter;
2) "Focusing on intent" - going THERE in full awareness and with your mind calm may help to meet what is desired;
3) some diet before tripping - no meat and/or processed food at least 24 hours before a journey, take some stuff at an empty stomach; no sex activity as well - you will need your body clean not to disturb you, you will need as much power as you could save to be aware and not to feel fear;
4) "Respecting the SPICE" - remember you are dealing with some unexplored and powerful substance; remember to be correct while entering "another world" (even if it's a part of your mind-construction) with another rules of existence there.

What else?

May be, astrology? :roll:
I can remember one powerful mush trip that started WITHOUT ADMINISTRATION OF SHROOMS (!) :d It was in the forest, it was the night when I feel all the planets were in their right positions towards each other and towards something inside of me. Really hard to describe, but it was STRONG feeling. Everything started even BEFORE I ate shrooms! The same went for my buddy who was with me to share the trip.

I would be grateful to you enlighted folks if you could continue sharing your knowledge/insights. :)
freedominphilly said:
sattwa23 said:
adrian89987 said:
Not burning the DMT seems to be a big problem with some people

Hi, adrian89987!
What do you mean by "burning the DMT"? :d

You shouldn't let the flame come in contact with the spice. Allow it to melt and vaporize rather than burning it with the flame.[/quote

Thanks! Clear! :)
It's all about the density of the vapours - make it a 'fog' !

But to assure you make it 'through', do the Rue !

Or any good dose of naturally derived MAOI. (3.5 g Syrian Rue seed extract is very good, or a tea of 10 - 15 g B. Capii). Then just 25- 35 mg dmt smoked gives an assured "9-minute-breakthrough" you'll remember.

I forget most of what happened on the other-side, but MAOIs are the fix for that.

With a dry, all-glass bong 30 - 40 mg can be vaped in one toke but you must 1) pre-melt in a small bed-of-leaf-and-screens-and-steelwool, and let re-solidify(2) Then once it's melted into the leaf you can heat it hard to get the 'fog' going - don't go weak on the heat, it's better to get it a-flame for a second than worrying about burning it, and going too 'cold'. Then inhale slow - so slow that the vapours are as thick and white as cream, get it all in, hold it as log as possible .. turn out the lights, ... Grok! .
I could never advise people to use rue untill they were totally confidant with the spice by itself. Rue is a very very powerfull tool. I remember my first experiament with rue and wouldn't ever want to go there again.

Learn to trust the spice. Open your self up to it. Abandon your self to it.
magic clown said:
I could never advise people to use rue untill they were totally confidant with the spice by itself. Rue is a very very powerfull tool. I remember my first experiament with rue and wouldn't ever want to go there again.

Learn to trust the spice. Open your self up to it. Abandon your self to it.

Hi, magic clown!

Great words on opening yourself to spice! It's true for sure, when you go there w/your heart and mind opened, results are extraordinary and guiding always :)
As to your rue experience, could you please describe in details? I didn't try it... So, did you take rue with the spice? Or was it "straight" rue journey? Why did you feel it so overhelming?
Thanks a million in advance! :)
OK, my original first steps and exploration of spice pretty much happened in isolation. I knew nothing of its potential and its power. I didn’t have a guide or the benefit of internet sites like this board. When mishandled it can be a monster. I didn't know that. I started to get quite familiar with it, thought I knew what it was all about, thought I was up to it.

I used to get this stuff, it looked like ear wax and was really sticky like syrup. I found rather than measuring proper doses, it was easier just put the full g. in the vaporizer, toke what I needed and leave the rest in there for my next jump.

Someone told me about Syrian Rue and its ability to potentiate DMT. Take a six minute wonder; turn it into a six hour extravaganza. I avoided alcohol red meat and cheese, for a day. Ground up 3g. of rue seeds cooked them up with lemon juice for 45 minutes and then drank the tea. I waited for the effects to kick in then hit the vaporizer. This thing had about ¾g. in it, and I started to toke. Nobody told me rue slows down the onset of the spice. I just toked and toked and toked waiting for and looking for the jump. I’ve no idea how much I ingested, nor have I any clear idea of what happened next.

I managed to give my self one hell of an overdose. Suffice to say it was the single most terrifying event of my entire life. I needed and very much wanted help, during brief moments of lucidity. My ability, however to engage with the outside world to call for help was non existent. I was locked into a very scary world confronted and tormented by demons. I found myself naked before God pleading to be spared……… it wasn’t nice. I was there for 4 ½ hours.

I did eventually return, a wretched sorry mess, covered in blood, sweat, puke, piss and shit. My home had been partially destroyed with liberal smears of more blood and shit every where.

In the immediate aftermath of that journey, I decided to be more careful with the spice, decided to learn more about it and stay away from rue. That was quite some years ago now. It was two years before I next experimented with rue and then in conjunction with mushrooms. I did lots and lots of work with rue and shrooms, getting to know it very well before returning to spice.

I did lots wrong that first time, all of which can be put down to my ignorance. These are very powerful tools we are playing with. In the wrong or reckless hands they can be exceedingly dangerous, they command respect. Tread carefully, get to know them well but do it tentatively at first, before mixing it up with other things.
magic clown said:
I found myself naked before God pleading to be spared……… it wasn’t nice. I was there for 4 ½ hours.

Firstly: congratulations on mentally assimilating that and even returning to the psychedelic world in general and in particular D itself. I think that in order to cope with something like that you need a clear idea of what your reasons for journeying are and be prepared to take the rough with the smooth to gain, or at least glimpse, the true nature of things.

Secondly: I've had a similar experience but 'one level down' if you see what I mean. I had a meta-hallucination. Sounds weird I know but it's the only way I can describe it. I hallucinated what I was fully aware of was a future experience: my judgement before Christ. Now, I'm not a Christian or indeed a religious man in any traditional sense and never have been (my thoughts on that are a whole other thread). But in this context I was watching myself on judgement day, and I was about to be damned. I felt a dizzying amount of terror, but what I mean by one level down was, that it was kind of like the emotion you get from a film when you identify with a character. I mean, it's not as if you are actually in vietnam etc but you respond physically and mentally to it. Massive massive terror but still human level terror. The vision faded before damnation.

Back at baseline I was swamped by a relief and indeed euphoria that by changing my ways I could avoid that situation. Damn near made me a Christian, and I'm going to make another thread, or bump a religion thread to explain why not.
Well, guys... I am REALLY glad that you were back from all that! Wow! :?
And thanks for sharing, no doubts it's impossible to underestimate the importancy to respect yourSELF, Spice and great UNKNOWN inside of us... Frankly, your stories even impressed me more than I thought a second ago! Lots of things to think about...

And, MalargueZiggy, was your tough meta-hallucination a result of rue+spice also? Sounds like LSD experience... :roll:
(And I think I know what you mean, I had very similar experience with shrooms, though without Christian hints.)
T'was all D. SWIM smoked the D with MDMA and K still washing around in his system, although he wasn't 'on' them if you see what I mean.

I've never had anything approaching that intensity or being that all encompassing on acid. When I say meta-hallucination I mean that I was 'there' as it were, but also witnessing it from a distance. Hence it was a hallucination inside a hallucination. At the time I didn't really feel that what I was 'watching' was a 'hallucination', more a glimpse of the future.

It's not something I would necessarily suggest people do but for the record SWIM has had some excellent experiences after a night on above drugs. Probably because serotonin levels are still high etc.

I would also say though, that, depending on how heavy your night before was, you may be quite mentally tired, which is not really a good time to approach D.
Magic Clown, I guess my friend has a small idea about what you mean as he experimented shitless scaring time.. that lasted only few minutes. He can't imagine the same thing lasting 2 hours ! Sounds like a masochist trip.

However I'm surprised by the duration, my friends experiments with Rue lasted around 45mn/1 hour and he was glad he did not toke too much because it was already enough intense.
Later he found preferrable to smoke the Rue extract instead of eating it. There seem to be less 'body load' effects that way and it lasts half the time.
It's true that the Rue slows down the onset and it should be clear for people that overdosing becomes possible that way.
ok take 1 gram of dmt, dissolve it in some alcohol then get 1 gram of some type of smoking herb and place it in the alcohol, let the alcohol evaporate. You will be left with 2 grams of dark colourded herb that can be smoked smoothly in a regular bong, it goes down like silk, not harsh at all. and i apply the lighter directly to the herb and it doesnt destroy the dmt.

you only need a tiny amount to break thru which you can easily do in one toke. IS it actually difficult to break thru with crystals? they must be real harsh! to be honest i find it funny that people have trouble breaking thru!
theoneandonlyfat said:
ok take 1 gram of dmt, dissolve it in some alcohol then get 1 gram of some type of smoking herb and place it in the alcohol, let the alcohol evaporate. You will be left with 2 grams of dark colourded herb that can be smoked

Thanks,theoneandonlyfat! May I ask you, how much al do you take for 1 gr. of DMT + 1 gr. of herb? What is evaporating method that you use? Thanks again! :)
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