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Anybody else ever seen their brain before??

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In the following post I propose several of my speculations about what could be happening on DMT and I hope you guys will add to or dispute them.
These are all speculations and I encourage people to refute them.


The above is an image of your brains circulatory system taken from Fractals-The Colors of Infinity
The video states how the circulatory system in your body is one of the greatest examples of fractals.
I have seen something VERY similar to this (granted it was a lot more detailed and clear than the image taken in the 1980s).
The visual I saw had very fluid like movement in it and the colors looked as if they were liquid. There were parts that did not move (brain tissue)and parts in between those that were moving (blood in veins). When i moved my eyes, I could see different parts of whatever I was seeing and when I would move all the way to one side it looked like the colors were falling off an edge into infinity.
I was on my bed lying on my back with the light shining on my face.

So what I propose is that your brain continues to process this visual data even with your eyes closed.
Does anybody know anything about:
1) the position of your eyes in relation to the brain when your eyes are closed?
2) how and if your brain knows your eyes are closed?

This theory imposed onto OEVs:
Your brain must do some sort of calculations to compute visual data.
So what I propose is that DMT distorts these calculations in the same way that many experience the thought "looping."
This process would create a fractal. The basis for a fractal is a simple set of instructions repeated infinitely or almost infinitely.
If the brain begins to process the visual data, then loses it because of a "loop" and then begins to process it again some data will be lost and possibly distorted.
The basis for the Mandelbrot set is this idea of taking an input and putting it into an equation then using that output as the next input.
This process creates the infinite fractal we know as the Mandelbrot set. So through simple calcultions, intense visuals can occur.
In THIS way I speculate open eye visuals can occur.

Its time for class AHH so i gotta run let me know what you guys think i can add more later.
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