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anybody notice how cool this site looks while on <insert drug>?

Migrated topic.


a friend was telling me that when he looks at this site..he can tell hes starting to trip out because everything starts to get very crisp and delicious looking...

good job The Traveler on the color choices and fonts
When foaf wants to explain to someone what DMT looks like, he shows them the banner at the top of this page. It's more like it than any other DMT art he's seen.
That would be a great t-shirt. Id buy it ! The fonts are great sometimes when your reading posts and you look away you see loads of lines, only site I know that has noticable effects! :lol:
Jorkest said:
yes indeed it would..i wonder how it could be done safely...brainstorm

I think I've got an idea for this, it's the same thing as with the donations. The story is a bit like this:
There is a certain music band that I'm in close contact with and I really like their music. By donating to the band you indirectly help me since it will help keeping them creating music. Now for the T-shirts, they can probably create an online merchandise section where one of the T-shirt series will be with the DMT-Nexus logo. I think I can convince them to do that.

If it's done this way the DMT-Nexus won't have your addresses and billing information.

b.t.w. they have a song called "The 'M' Tea" which is almost done.
WONDERFUL Traveler!!!! we can always count on you for a great idea..

EDIT: i was wondering though..if perhaps there could be one shirt that didnt have DMT printed on it..because thats a bit too...how should we say...open..perhaps...

i still like the 'explorations of the spirit molecule' and probably 'The Nexus' but having dmt printed on a shirt might be a bit much..just my 2cents
if anyone ever asked you could say dmt is a band name and that would be the end of it. No one really knows what dmt is. I doubt many cops would know what your talking about if you mention it.
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