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Anyone interested in giving feedback on a book?

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Greetings fellow Nexians,

Recently I finished the draft of my first book. Broadly, it's a non-fiction account of concepts relating to psychedelics, reality, and consciousness - examined through the context of facilitating direct spiritual experience. A good deal of research went into this, with roughly 1,500 citations and 500 distinct resources. Currently 336 pages.

Each chapter discusses a distinct topic, and the book is broken into three sections. The first of the three sections is focused on psychedelics, including their history across cultures, the way they've impacted human society, their potential benefits, interesting experiential properties, etc. Chapters in this section are dedicated to such topics as MDMA, Mushrooms, LSD, DMT, and Ayahuasca. The Nexus is briefly mentioned as well.

The second section advances beyond psychedelics and is focused on more purely spiritual topics, still with an emphasis on directly accessible experience. Chapters include topics such as meditation, lucid dreams, out of body experiences, kundalini, and enlightenment.

The final section relates to reality and consciousness. It examines quantum physics (in the context of mysticism), consciousness, the multiverse, and the death experience.

I hope to get this published at some point, but would first like to solicit feedback privately so that I may improve the manuscript before sending it off to literary agents. What I was hoping was that there may be one or more people here interested in doing a read-through and providing some direct feedback. The Nexus feels like a close approximation of the target demographic, and feedback from this knowledgable and experienced community I think has the potential to be invaluable.

Not looking for grammar/spelling critique necessarily (though feel free to point out any such errors); more interested in high-level feedback regarding tone, format, topics discussed, unclear points, misrepresentation (in the broadest sense), etc. And, overall I guess looking for some validation that this thing is worthy of being published.

I don't want to distribute too broadly, maybe just a few people at most. Ideally people who read regularly, are familiar with these types of texts (a la "Breaking Open the Head" or "Inner Paths to Outer Space" ), and will read through it fairly quickly (ideally within 1-2 weeks). I'd deliver a PDF, and of course would ask that it not be disseminated further.

Any interest?

Thank you for posting this.

I am interested in being a proofreader. So if you can include me then I will give you feed back on the book once I have read through it.

Kind regards,

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smooth, null, and downward, link sent. Really appreciating the responses.

Nathanial, can't say that I've really thought about this much in the context of a thesis. That is, there is no argument per se, more a conglomeration of topics all broadly related to the exploration of consciousness and reality through direct experience.

In this context, topics are discussed that I personally find interesting and with which I have applicable knowledge and/or experience. As an example, one topic discussed is lucid dreams. The text explores what they are while also looking at their history in human culture as well as their potential benefits. It further discusses useful techniques for instantiation and includes a few examples of notable lucid dreams that I've experienced.
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