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Anyone know a good chemical supplier for DIY cosmnetics/household cleaners and suppliments?

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It is slowly getting on my nerves that most of the usefull chemicals aren't easily available. I'm talking about stuff like pure gum terpentine, phenol, potassium permanganate and such.

A lot of skin care products have recently catched my eye while I also experience a lot of skin isues, as well getting bald, gray, looking tired all the time you name it... Examples would be allatoin, certian esential oils, benzyl peroxide, jojoba oil, alginate and stuff like that.

I also mentioned suppliments... Well I can't complain I feel awfully bad, but I could be healthier and not to mention more happy. It seems that amazon and healthfood stores sell overpriced pills in loughable little quantities. 60 tablets containing only 3mg borate for 20 bucks? Are kidding me?

Anyhow it would be nice to come across to some DMSO, MSM, borax, Lugols Iodine, asexantin etc with a fair price, after all people claim it has helped them a lot and I'd like to give it a shot.

I need to make a list and calculate the ratios for some stuff, but this could end up more effective, less toxic, cheaper and longer lasting than anything store bought. I swear nowadays you can't find the simplest stuff like lye drain cleaner at the store without it being overpriced, filled with a ton of unnecessary and ineffective additives and scents in a fancy package. Not even is the food as it used to be, raw tomatoes taste like plastic here in Germany...
I would try looking up, the perfumers apprentice I used to buy lots of stuff from them back in the day. not quite sure if its what you are looking for but it might get you there.
Welcome to Germany my friend. Welcome to the EU in general where you are treated like a child if you want anything less safe than a glass of orange juice. And you better be grateful for declining quality, lower availability and higher prices!

For Lye try hardware stores. Grocery stores seem to phasing it out in favor of smaller containers of god knows what with a bit of sodium hydroxide added. For borax I think I used Ebay, couldn't find it anywhere else. Almost all of it comes from the same place. For pure gum turpentine try online art suppliers, all the stuff in brick and mortar stores is nasty and isn't genuine turpentine.
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