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Are all the Spiritual Realms the same?


Basically my question is...

Do all Entheogens (Aya', Cactus, 'Shrooms, etc.) take you to the same "other" realm? Can my sober mind take me there?

Can I met y'all via Cactus or 'shrooms in the DMT realm during a Synchronised Hyperspace Event?
I think although many substances work on different receptors of different neural systems, all these systems are eventually part of the same composite system: the mind. The idea that every neurotransmitter has it's own realm, or even every substance that works on any receptor would have i's own realm dousn't seem logical to me. i would say that the way in wich you're connected to these inner worlds differs with every substance but the inner worlds themselves are the same. the effects of meditation are definitaly more subtle then those of DMT, but i think when you try hard, your sober mind can get a glimpse of these inner worlds.
There where moments that i was tripping and wasn't completely sure if i was awake or dreaming, so i think the majority of the world get's sucked into this realm at least once every 24 hours.
I personally think its different realms in the sense that there are peculiarities that are only present in one substance and not the other, in terms of feelings, thoughts, visions, insights and so on.. I explored more of this in some other thread, noting the difference between the realms and experiences in different psychedelics.. maybe I find it and will copy the quote here later..

In any case, of course in the end we could say ´its all one´, its all the same realm from a broader perspective.. maybe the concept of ´triangulation´ fits here, in the sense that each substance allows you to see what we could say is One reality, but from different perspectives
i have this theory that all these things that make u "high" take you to the same place. I mean off shrooms, nitrous, sex, rock n roll, and even dmt(tho the creme o the crop), even coke they all take you to the same place so to say. I feel that being high is the sixth sense and when activated it either cancels out other feelings and u feel high or it exagerates certain feelings. So they all take u to the same place but the roads to get there are very very different
i think they all reveal certain things in a different perspective, i mean our eyes/mind filters change things..

i think each drug shows certain pecies of the puzzle, we will probably never in this body be able to see everthing oncovered for what it really is, ya know what i mean?

but yeah each drug has their own "dimensions" / quality.. traits.. uniqe to themselves

there are just so many levels to life, like the osng glass onion by the beatles, its just another place u can go..
we will probably never in this body be able to see everthing oncovered for what it really is, ya know what i mean?
yep, but smoke, it may be black and thickly or white and thinly, is always an indication of fire, isn't it....so we might not be able to see the fire, but we have intelligence to conclude, that there IS a fire...😉
use your intelligence!
See I think all entheogens give a glimpse of the same "other" world. Just a different sort of "glimpse" with each one.
It seems to me that each compound allows for a different range of subtle energetic frequency resonaces and therefore can only give you access to certain places. But I think it might be possible for the highest range of one compound to be close enough to teh lowest range of another and allow for it, but with the highest doses of DMT I don't think there is anything powerful enough to change youyr frequencies that far up the bandwidth. Ive tripped on all different compunds hundreds of times and DMT only once so maybe I have no clue what Im talking about.lol. Just my humble opinion.
I think that simply put, initial access to spiritual or otherwise transcendant realms is not always the same. It depends on the internal barriers of the journeyman but much more importantly the approach to different circuits used in forming our own illusion of separated consciousness.
There are linear and parallel circuits to be distinguished, linearity is used in rationality to construct logic and I think parallel circuits give access to 'forms', patterns, fundamental rules to the way things work (whether this coincides with what science finds to be true or not about those things). The term spirituality points more towards the latter realm, a timeless existance where everything 'fundamental' is sitting in superposition. Ultimately the further you go - often called deeper, right? - the closer you come to abandoning your personal life and connect with eternal and godly consciousness. So I would think of it as different paths towards the same 'goal', making my answer to your question yes and no.
Could it be considered that Entheogens in a sense change our frequency? Perhaps the vibrational patterns of our being have an internal scale, almost like a pattern, of frequencies that give us possible means of channeling energy. I think certain things in this world have an affect on the musical scale of our being; if it's listening to a certain song or rhythm, moving in a certain pattern or way (dancing, physical/mental discipline), or introducing something 'uncommon' to your internal system.
I think a lot of people here are somewhat familiar with this model, but if not...

I think the best way to explain it is through the 8 Circuits of Consciousness model.
You're average person only operates on 1-4 levels.

1. Bio-surival
2. Emotional
3. Symbolic
4. Socio-Sexual

A lot of people in the world only operate on the first two circuits, making them more similar to an animal than
someone who has experienced 5-8 circuits.

Now with different drugs and practices the higher four can be activated. For example the 5th circuit is the neurosomatic circuit it is activated by using cannabis or certain yogas.

Mescaline and Psilocybin activate the sixth circuit, which is the meta-programming level. A meta program in computer programming is a program that creates other programs. The mind becomes aware of itself, independent of the patterns imprinted by the previous five circuits.

The seventh is activated through extensive practice of Raja Yoga and larger doses of LSD, it accesses the genetic memory within DNA.

Finally the 8th circuit which is the atomic or quantum circuit. When Buddha reached enlightenment it would seem that he naturally reached this state and stayed there permanently. It may be activated through DMT or very high doses of LSD. It allows the mind to operate outside of spacetime.

It should also be noted that while these circuits can be activated via drugs, they are not necessarily imprinted and do not become permanent. So to answer the question I would say no, they do not all take you to the same place. These things only seem spiritual and supernatural to someone who operates on the lower circuits, they are all attainable.
Ive personally discovered on my journeys that each natural enthogen is a door way to a specific level of consciousness. Ive found the unnatural s have no door ways so i choose not to take them, the experience on unnatural s for me is more of a ego trip than and ego stripper. Each natural enthogen has specific lessons that it will teach you and a very specific level of consciousness that it will take you to :) That's why i found that i personally cant only journey with one single enthogen it has to be a certain combination.

Much Peace
Maybe the same place but different rooms so to speak, I have caught glimpses through the others, but I think dmt takes you there, vs the others that just show you the door, dmt makes you walk through it.
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