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Are MAOIs safe with Levetiracetam (Keppra)?

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I'm usually not one to hop on a forum and just ask if one substance is safe with another. With the levetiracetam however I can't seem to find much (any really) information on it. One board has one person asking the same without a real answer and no medical information I read mentioned MAOIs specifically.

"The exact mechanism by which levetiracetam acts to treat epilepsy is unknown. However, the drug binds to a synaptic vesicle glycoprotein, SV2A,[26] and inhibits presynaptic calcium channels[27] reducing neurotransmitter release and acting as a neuromodulator. This is believed to impede impulse conduction across synapses.[28]"

I take it for epilepsy.
Prior to taking it I had Ayahuasca on multiple occasions as well as mushrooms and some others. Psychedelics never induce any seizure related activity. My biggest trigger is poor sleep. Just mentioning this because people warn folks that have seizures about psychedelics but I find them safe - for myself.

Since I started taking this drug I have not had any preparation containing MAOIs to play it safe, just vaporized DMT and mushrooms. As far as I can tell, they treat me exactly the same as before I started it.

From what I've read about the drug there shouldn't be a problem. I'm also not a doctor. I do plan on talking to mine about it once I'm able to see them again - in about 3 months.

Until then, I figured I'd try to see if anyone here has taken this drug while on MAOI. Personally I'm going to wait to speak with him and then after most likely test tiny amounts of MAOI with it while monitoring my blood pressure and alike. If tiny amounts seem safe I'll up them in small increments testing over weeks/months. I'm in no hurry/not going to rush into it.

Ayahuasca is important to me and I miss it. I don't post much on this forum but I've been utilizing these plants for some time now and I respect them very much and have learned a lot about myself as well as having many other sorts of "eye opening" experiences. It's much more than a hobby or "something to do" hence this post.

The levetiracetam is also the best drug I've tried for my condition. Unlike other people I get no negative effects and it helps damn-near completely so it's not something I wish to stop unless maybe for a few day's break if needed.

These meds I can even safely ween off of temporarily if needed but if anyone has had the combination of levetiracetam and MAOI I would appreciate hearing your experience.

A lot of epileptics get prescribed this stuff. So do other folks with various problems. If nobody here has any knowledge then down the line I'll share what I find out/test out back in this thread. It will be tried slowly and safely over an extended period of time.
The British National Formulary states the following under the section on Levetiracetam drug interactions:

"Anticonvulsant effect of antiepileptics possibly antagonised by MAOIs".

The product monograph however makes no mention specifically of MAOIs used concurrently.

Are you on it as monotherapy, and what type of epilepsy do you have?
Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy mostly.
Yes, it's monotherapy.

JME in short is a kind of epilepsy with lack of quality sleep as a primary trigger for many. Not enough sleep, wrong sleep, alcohol .. anything that interferes with it can cause minor seizures that look like twitching or jerks to absence seizures and grand mals. Typically a person starts having myoclonic jerks and if they exert themselves too much mentally or physically can wind up having a grand mal. There's usually other signs too. On those days you just try to relax as much as possible.

I also sometimes get sporadic grand mals and others not tied to sleep. In some people including myself it turns into a more generalized condition but for me it's not that bad compared to some others. I have no photosensitivity and I usually get "auras"/can tell if I have the potential to seize on any given day.

This drug along with making myself follow a tight/early sleep schedule and lately I've had no problems. Weaning off is doable if I am really strict with my sleep/stress/etc.

"Anticonvulsant effect of antiepileptics possibly antagonised by MAOIs" - thanks for pointing that out. Apparently I missed it.
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