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Art Of Mathematics: Milkdrop

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Hey everyone, I thought this was interesting that when I searched for Milkdrop on these forums nothing came up. I find milkdrop to be the closest representation of my natural DMT visual trips out of any other artistic media.

Some of the work going on my Flexi and others in their forums with fractals and the milkdrop visualization is absolutely amazing.

I was wondering if there are any programmers, artists or mathematicians here that would like to work on a collaboration with me on our own Milkdrop preset or preset pack to represent our community. If you are interested let me know!
Only Chemists here eh?

Well, I'm going to study more on how to program some presets. I was thinking about making a 2d picture representing DMT-Nexus in a simple image editor first...

If anyone has anything,
A start of a texture,
Anything! like a blip in MS paint...
Post it, and we can all contribute to it...
Little bit at a time,

Then when I learn how to load textures, and add effects to them in a milkdrop preset, we can use that texture as part of it.

I was thinking adding a mirrored spiral fractal oscillation, then overlaying it on a beatmatched pulsation of the texture..
If it sounds enticing..

Please Step Forward!

Ive never tried programming any but milkdrop is definatly the best visualization for winamp. I made some fractals with some program a couple years ago. Ill post the pics if I can find them.
endlessness said:
did you ever look at 'electric sheep' ? I think it represents the psychedelic visions even better than milkdrop

I've seen electric sheep a couple years ago, I'd have to politely disagree. maybe i just need to see the newer versions
milkdrop 2.0 is certainly much more refined since the old geisswerks revisions (drempels was fun to stare at too). Rovastar's coding is pretty stunning
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