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art that aint shit.

Migrated topic.


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There's a work of art exhibited in the botanical garden of amsterdam. Because the visitors where convinced that it represented a 'pile of shit', the people from the botanical garden have decided to install a plate that explains the artwork, so that people would no longer think it's meant to represent 'shit'.
Newspapers tried to keep their tone serious when referring to this hilarious situation; they described the work of art as 'a stack of undefined shapes'. They stated that the reception of the piece by the public was 'not overenthiousiastic', 'dull' and 'halfheartedly and shallow'.
They reported that the staff of the gardens cafetaria had to constantly hear 'feeble' and 'faint joking' remarks, wich made the direction decide to place a plate.
I don't know what the plate said. Probably something like 'this piece of art does not intent to represent feces. We would like the visitors to stop making feeble remarks, suggesting it does represent poopoo, since this realy wasn't the artists intention. Or at least that's what the artist told us when we bought it'.
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