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Arundo Donax?

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Hello. anyone know of alkaloid levels in Arundo Donax (giant river reed)? Also, cultivation info or photos would also be of interest. :?:
It might be quantum, I haven't really looked too deeply into it but it's possible. Any ethnobotanists know if they actually are the same species?
i thought these reeds contained to many other alkaloids so trying to extract dmt would pull out loads of other crap which you wouldnt want when smoking?
Just picked up on this old thread because of recents posts: phragmites australis is definitely NOT the same plant as phalaris arundinacea. The inflorescense are totally different. -z
Acacia will grow in most parts of the world. I think they are probably the best bet but they take time to grow. Lets all start the worldwide acacia federation. DMT for everyone. :p
tryptamines in common reed are said to be located in the roots and flowering tips. recently i have found fields of common reed, and the flowering tops will be collected for a possible extraction. although i have no experience in extractions, i would gladly provide the tops for anyone interested in experimenting and posting results at some point... -pineal :D
i just posted on another thread trying to help someone identify phalaris and mentioned that in the green and white ornamental version of phalaris you can often see pink coloration in the white stripes and this pink is said to be caused by the alkoloid content. if true and judging by this picture the flowering tops of the giant reed (Phragmites australis) might just be a good place to look. http://www.fishfarmsupply.ca/images/Plants/Emergant Plants/phraaust.jpg edit: as far as i can tell the "common reed" and the "giant reed" are the same thing. google both and you'll end up with the latin name Phragmites australis.
so who is gonna finally do this extraction and let us all know then? :p :?: the world may never know for sure unless one us figures it out later -pineal :arrow:
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