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As A Joke, I Wrote My Own Religion

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I made up a religion as a joke, to stimulate thought. Since the ones we have are so unsavory.
It's basically my analysis of reality. And a work in progress. 9 pages.
Thoughts welcome!

Quantum physics has shown us that we effect the reality around us. Reality is what you make it. Try and imagine this one I propose.

And tell me how yours differs.

The bit under "Thoughts & Meditation" is an excerpt from Tantra by Osho.
Is there a TL;DR version?

Or rather, what is different about this religion? Is this just a grouping of words that is designed to make me feel good, or is there a thesis that nobody has ever conceived of before?
Most religions suck and seem very far from the actual reality of things. As a joke I tried to put a belief set together which tries to drive toward truth. Like I wrote, it's a joke and a work-in-progress. But I imagined how the world could be different if there were better belief systems to put faith into. So drawing on paganistic modalities and those of buddhism, taoism, etc., I incorporated different modalities. What manifested is kind of a translation of what I believe is true through use of analysis, psychedelics, dissociatives, plant medicines, meditations, practices in magick and shamanism. I thought it would be a fun read to share with you guys.

It's different modalities and belief concepts that are interesting. I put them together and explained. Examples/TL;DR animism - everything has a soul/consciousness, pantheism - god is imminent in everything. (love/consciousness). We are a simulation/programmed universe by higher consciousnesses or consciousnesses that came before us. we reincarnate based on goals deemed needed for our souls, etc.
Ahh :d Using the word "religion" is the part that is a joke, because, cultural baggage has made it such a heavy word that I must take it lightheartedly, as to float free of the weight and see truth for what it is.
You need something like a flying hotplate stir or mass of sphaghetti to worship. :thumb_up:
Actually never thought about making a religion.
Something that is not like scientology. Thats more of a corporation to squeeze free money out of people.
Did you know that wikipedia has its own religion? Google it.
obliguhl said:
No, it is not a joke, it is your belief and there is nothing wrong with it.

Actually you're on point. I'm trying to develop a belief system that empowers people. As I feel like popular religions are more like cults that keep people as unconscious sheep.
Learning a little magickal practice like ways of spiritual protection should be necessary teachings. And more empowering of the individual via being something like your own god and learning to call on spirits for help; learning how essential intention is, when doing ceremonies, etc.
The God, as observed by the prophets of the demi-god named Einstein, decades before beheld the insignificance of this dimension to the prophet Darwin.
We understand that we are in a set-it-and-forget-it dimension, randomly mutating. The underdogs.

- Reverend Lovejoy
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