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Attempting extraction from Caapi vine

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I'm wading around over here in the kiddie pool, and hoping you generous folks will indulge me, yet again.

I'm following the gilbran2 "Easy Caapi Vine Alkaloid Extraction Guide".

After my boils, I added lye to water, and that solution into my acid-boiled vine, just as the Tek indicates.
3 clarifications:
1 - the Tek uses 64g shredded vine, I used 100g;
2 - my vine was more of a powder than a shred, so I poured-off my boiled liquids through coffee filters and collected lots of sludge
3 - based on quantity of liquid, I felt like I had reduced too much in the final reduction, so added a bit of water - maybe 200 ml

First picture will be the reduced liquid, muddy brown (before I diluted with more water).

Second picture will be after I diluted and it now contains the lye/water solution. This photo is actually about 3 hours after I added the base solution.

And that is why I am discussing. According to the Tek, the alkaloids would be settling out, and the solution clearing up, but even 15 hours later, that is not happening for me.

I found this thread and it seems it is my exact issue: Alkaloids not precipitating out when adding the lye - Easy Caapi Tek - FAQ - All your basic questions and answers - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus
Though I can't see any of the pictures it mentions, I suspect my problem is very similar to behindthelight's issue, and the snozzleberry seems to make a very clear explanation. I think I can resume, following that guidance.

I also came across this thread: caapi extraction.. - DMT Allies extraction - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus
And this post from the very esteemed dreamer042 literally leaps off the page at me:
dreamer042 said:
Correct, basing it out is for extracting purified harmalas,
*****which I highly advise against with caapi.*****
Use rue for that, it's much cheaper and yields a lot better. Save vine for drinking.

With caapi leaf the
*****harmalas don't precip for one reason or another*****,
so generally you either want to make a crude 10x or similar ...

So anyway. I will work my way through this, get what I can out of it, and then will probably save my Caapi vine for drinking. For harmala extractions, I will turn to the rue seeds.

The other pictures:
(number 3 in this sequence) - after settling overnight
(next) - closeup of the settlings
(finally) - the pH

Any comments and guidance are much appreciated.



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Yeah I think you basically got it all under figured out... If I wanted to extract harmalas, I'd go for rue which is way cheaper. I'd keep caapi for drinking the whole tea. But it's always cool to experiment, and now you're already underway so its all good :)

From your pics, the pH is right, and it seems the alks are precipitating, just not fully settling, but partly suspended in solution. That is just fine... Pass through coffee filter, and grab whatever is on top of the filter. Might be a bit slow to filter but it will eventually go through. If you plan on doing several harmala extractions in the next months/years, I highly recommend getting a vacuum filtration kit (something like this + this or this)

If you have any more doubts, feel free to ask..

Dont forget to let us know the final results and how your experience is if you consume it :)

Good luck!
Thank you, endlessness.

I used coffee filters, as you recommended, and it took time, just as you said it would. I'm working on putting together a vacuum filtration, as you suggest.

This is probably boring to most everyone, but here it is, anyway -

First picture is filtered and settling alkaloids,
Second is decanted and poured,
Third is drying out, and
Fourth is the final product, not a great yield but I'm still happy about it, 574mg from 100g shredded/powdered red caapi vine.


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