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[ATTITUDE] Change to {No synthesis talk that uses dangerous/watched chemicals and procedures}

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Dear members,

The following change has been made to this Attitude part of our combined knowledge (the changes have been made italic):

No synthesis talk that uses dangerous/watched chemicals and procedures
Discussion of simple safe non-commercial synthesis not requiring watched chemicals are tolerated (example: the reduction of DMT N-oxide to DMT with zinc, or the supposed LSA-to-LSH conversion).

Members who have been given the chemical expert status, indicated by the flask icon, are allowed to discuss these topics at their own discretion for harm reduction purposes. Also a reminder to these flask holders: be aware of your knowledge!

Kind regards,

The Traveler
"dangerous/watched chemicals and procedures"

These are pretty vague definitions. E.g. lists of watched chemicals differ from country to country. Can somebody elaborate on this issue?
KloudQ7, what do you mean coca talk? Talking about coca leaves? Talking about using cocaine? talking about extracting cocaine from coca leaves?

Trickster, why that specific list of chemicals?

Formalin (formaldehyde) is carcinogenic, methanol is relatively toxic. If you want to talk about a proceedure that uses both of those, you'll have to be very explicit on the dangers, how to avoid them, etc. Proper disclaimers, proper safety measures, etc. That will make it more ok to talk about. Either way feel free to pm a moderator if you are in doubt about something you want to post
Sorry, I was talking about extracting cocaine from the leaves. I've been told not to mention it and I wasn't exactly sure why other than that it's partially a synthesis.
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