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August 31 SHE


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That's right friends it's SHE time once again.

The theme for the Wednesday August 31, 2011 Synchronized Hyperspace Event will be transformation through fire.

Myths from various cultures around the world tell of the theft of fire. Fire was stolen from the gods and gifted to the humans. The thief/giver changes according to the culture but all these myths tell the story of the theft. The flame is literally the spark of the divine, a gift from the gods in the hands of man.

Fire has the ability to purify and renew all things. The pheonix combusts in a flurry of smoalk and luminosity burning away that which is outmoded and become obsolete making room for new life to rise from the ashes.

Take this opportunity to release and transform those energies which no longer serve you by offering them to the flames. Allow the blaze to metamorphose these energies and carry your intentions on the sacred smoalk up to the heavens above.


♥♥♥ Burn bright my friends ♥♥♥
I remember going camping with a friend once and we made embers for the fire by hand using just sticks and plant stuff for tinder. It was so intense. It takes so much energy and is so emotional. It gets you so frustrated when the sparks go out passing the stick back and forth, and so elated when the tinder catches and you breathe with the little coal till it is burning and you make a fire. It's wonderful!
What time? I suppose it is best to say the time in GMT and let people calculate for local time zone.

The SHE's could be even more intense if at least a good portion of the particpants attempt to vape at the same time. (Or at least time the peak of their entheogen of choice if they're not flush with smoalkables...)
As we've been doing lately SHE will last all day (and night).

To those who can participate this evening, lets meet in the chat around dark-thirty ish and do some group launches out of there 8)
perhaps this is a time for those folks to re-examine their relationship to this life giving element?

Or maybe they should just meditate upon their inner fire ;)
Most concepts and elements have positive & negative connotations and associations.

Personally I LOVE fire. It is endlessly fascinating and made life for the homonids who learned to control it immeasurably easier.

The Prometheus myth is classic fire meme. A compassionate being had to steal it for the humans, and was punished for doing so. The prices we have paid (or others have had to pay for us) to get where we are...

See you all at SHE time.

[Of course this way of doing it means that Euro nexians and US nexians won't interact as much... to say nothing of our Asian friends.]
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