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Aussie Aussie Aussie !!

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Words keep flowing out like endless rain into a pa
Hi guys, This site seems to have people from all over the world, Which is great. But it's always good to see a friendly face.

So all fellow Australians please feel free to pop by here for a quick hello and introduce yourself. And help yourself to the free tim tams and lamingtons. Eat em before they get stolen by the yanks and brits :lol:

Yanks and brits can have the no frills black and gold " tim toms " The poor mans tim tam. 😁
Dear oh dear, no replies to an "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!!" title.
Patriotism must be dead in this country!

Seems that the nexus users derive from many countries, not only brit's and sepo's. Which is a great thing as it makes for interesting conversation and greater knowledge.

Anyway, "hello!", from an aussie, to an aussie.
Hey there! Not an aussie I'm afraid, but we're kinda like that weird inbred cousin. Kia ora from a kiwi :)

Promise I'm not just here to nick your tim tams. I swear. :thumb_up:
There's a few of us here OP.

People often think I'm from Alaska or something because of my username, but no.
I'm way up far north QLD. With all the biters. 😉
Hi guys, pleasure to meet you all 👋🐨 And Kiwis are allowed here too. As long as they don't do that haka dance, It's intimidating >,<
And hi there northerner, i remember you from chat. You're a flat earther or something i think.

I've got some friends from Queensland, Or banana benders as we call them. 😆
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