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Autolab - Automatic Laboratory

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Fractals, I found all your comments very interesting and relevant, especially regarding the Web interface. The problem is that I'm just a normal guy who knows a little about programming. I believe I can finish this project, but my knowledge is limited, so, as I lack practical support from programmers more competent than me, I believe I will do this small project so that others can be inspired or improve/exceed it.

Pandora, I can do that :D, but I'm going to leave it disabled by default since if discretion is important, an annoying loud beep wouldn't help with that
" As you can see, Officer, I'm merely making some purple tie dye T shir- DING! ... " :D

Here's a decent little tutorial on making an esp32 host a web page that can be used to turn one of its outputs on and off: How to Create a Web Server (with WebSockets) Using an ESP32 in Arduino - Shawn Hymel

Also the ender 3 pro 3d printer kit is going for under $180 these days (the earlier versions are even more discounted) and will get your four stepper motors, a control board that drive the motors and can read temperatures in two places plus a bunch of aluminium extrusions and a hot plate and power supply... might be a good place to start as a "useful bits" pack.

Get two so you can also print up the various brackets and linkages you're bound to need too. Peristaltic pumps are 3d printable, you know :)

In fact a 3d printer chassis could be a good base, it provides a gantry that moves up and down with a sliding bit on it that could carry dispensing tubes rather than a print head.

here ya go ... cheap mechatronic experiment set at $169 :

Okay, in advance I apologize if this is a buzzkill.

Has anyone thought of this from a physical rather than chemical perspective?

This thing would need to be BIG, in particular to do extractions over 25 grams of bark. It would be even bigger if one maintained a box shape and did not give in to the need for an irregular shape. There would be a lot of different chambers and they would take space.

The power requirements would be non minimal. Lots of things from motion, to heat, to cooling, fans, etc. are a real pull on the grid.

The unit would HAVE to be modular, super easy to break down and have easy access to all parts for cleaning and (very important) regular lubrication.

Also, since it will really only produce one product, it's not really an AutoLab but more of a SpiceBox.
It may be worth taking a look at existing technology:
e.g., NOVA comes up on a search for "AutoLab". Many of these kinds of machines will be for analytical chem purposes but devices for automated synthesis also exist. Extraction falls kind of between the two. To make the device more generally applicable comparing the various extraction processes for a number of target compounds seems necessary.
I'm very fond of this idea! However, if you take everything into account it would be an quitte an expensive machine and an very high tech... Just a daydream thought: how difficult would it be to manipulate a yeast strain to biosynthezise DMT in a bioreactor (with extraction afterwards). So, that there is no need anymore for harvesting root bark etc...
Thanks! I 'll check these projects. Now I have to work very much so it will take a time. I have a friend that is a mechatronic engineer. If I can convince him to join this project it surely will be a turning point. He is a pretty intelligent guy, a awesome professional and a very cool person.
Thank you for all your support.

I think the most viable way now is the commom extraction. This is bucket chemistry, so maybe it's a very cool way to start this project. Can you please explain a little better (in terms of detallied steps) how this extraction would be? Thanks

I'm searching for it, as I said to fractals, I have a engineer friend that will probably help me with it.

the red squirrel,
I humbly do not think it will be that expensive. The most expensive element will be raspberry pi, the other elements will not be more expensive as is if you decide to brew beer at home (which I personally do).
I already thought of that (yeast in a bioreactor producing DMT), but it would demmand deep biotech knowledge AND it will be necessary to everyone interested to get access to this specific modified yeast. In this project that I am proposing, everything would be transferable via the internet: the machine assembly plans and the software for the Raspberry Pi. Easy distribution.
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