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Avatar movie and Ayahuasca (one in the same?)

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ohayoco said:
I heard from Survival Internatinal that Tribal people have been asking Cameron for some donations to help them from the profits... but then it's not his money to give, is it, it goes to the investors surely, who want their return on their investment to make up for all the flops they invest in? Would you rather that the movie just wasn't made at all? I don't begrudge them taking the money when they can to cover when they lose out, it all depends on how much they end up making over their careers and that we cannot tell even if we had their current bank balances under our noses right now.

I agree with your latter criticism about how it externalises the evil, just as Christians do with the devil. It would have been good if your point about our personal responsibilities was made clearer. But then, doesn't Jake Scully make a stand against his own 'people' to do what is right, isn't that a message of taking responsibility for one's own actions even when only a small cog in a sick society?

It was a simplistic film typical of Hollywood, who think the masses are too stupid to get it otherwise (maybe they are?! ;) ), but still I think it was better than nothing. Do you really think it would be better if the investors had chosen to make a different film instead... maybe one about Britney Spears drinking bottles of mineral water while driving an SUV across America?!

oh yeah dont get me wrong I dont mean that they have to do movies as unpaid volunteer work :p but you know the sums Im talking about, they just dont correspond.. Its millions and millions and millions, like football player salaries and everything else about our modern world that is simply unsustainable.

Yeah personal responsibilities is definitely something to be emphasized... you know like, how the average citizen can make a huge difference in his own choices when being a consumer, and whether he recycles, or the (mostly small) efforts that are necessary when one wants to be more sustainable in general..

Im not necessarily saying avatar shouldnt have been made.. I mean, its pleasing a lot of people, just read this thread :p Im just thinking that those who know where to look might find something interesting about it but I have a feeling that for the average person it will just reinforce the delusions and lack of self-empowerment ..

lol at the britney spears thing... nah not that haha, but I wouldnt complain if it had exchanged some 15 mins of excessive fighting scenes in avatar to instead some sub-plot where the heroes are consuming some product which is actually the reason why this unobtanium or whatever is being used for, and they realize and they notice that in their own daily actions they can make their difference :p (and that the whole project had been attempted as more sustainable, with donations, compensations, some kind of 'awareness' program, etc)

As for the money thing, the producers/cameron may eventually make significant donations or whatever, I cant judge them with any pretension of knowing the Truth, but so far nothing AFAIK has come up and it all gives to me the impression of being just one more part of the whole puppet show for keeping people silently pleased.

and jake scully is a warrior.. he 'saves' the good by killing bad people, in a war. what is the message there for the average person?

I have to note here about my posts that I mean no offense to those that liked this movie, of course, this is just my opinion :)
I have seen it in 3d twice now and want to go for a third before it leaves the cinema. It was not only the future of cinema to me, but had a damn good message as well. I just loved every aspect of it. I don't think i have ever experienced such emotional attachment to computer generated imagery. What a film... and i also noticed many connections to ayahuasca. Just beautiful.
I must say that the second time i saw it, i apreciated it more.

Big movies like these always have the downside that so many people are involved in making them that they always have lesser moments or aspects. Many people for instance are involved in writing the music you constantly hear on the backgroun, resulting in the music being nevre of a constant quality. One moment it's brilliant and then there suddenly is some boring piece of music you hear.

On the whole i'm still positive about it.
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