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Aya Awakenings Q&A with Rak Razam for APS-Sydney bookclub

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For this very special instalment of The Australian Psychedelic Society-Sydney’s Book Club, we are excited to be joined by Rak Razam; author of the book Aya Awakenings, Rak Razam for a live Q&A and the usual bookclub vibe.

In Aya Awakenings, experiential journalist Rak Razam sets out to document the thriving business of 21st-century hallucinogenic shamanism starting with a trip to the annual Amazonian Shaman Conference in Iquitos, Peru, where he meets a motley crew of "spiritual tourists," rogue scientists, black magicians, and indigenous and Western healers and guides, all in town to partake of the ritual- and the medicine- of ayahuasca, "the vine of souls." Combining his personal story with the history of Amazonian shamanism, Razam takes the reader along on an entertaining, enlightening adventure.

Don't miss out -tickets selling fast and there are limited spaces.

Where: The Temple on The Park, Newtown
When: Fri 29th April 6:30-9:00pm

Tickets: Aya Awakenings Q&A with Rak Razam - APS Book Club | Humanitix
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