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Aya homebrew Caapi/Viridis

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Greetings, aya experts... I'm ready to take another crack at this and had a question. I see lots of recipes around, but I don't see a lot of differentiation between dried plant material and fresh materials being made in the recipes.

Assuming that a Caapi/Chacruna ratio of 1:1 by weight is best (yes?) it seems like the leaves lose significantly more weight in the drying process than the vine does so doesn't that throw off the ratios?

I only have access to dried materials and I'd love to be enlightened as to the most effective ratio by weight of dried leaves and dried pounded vine. My first brew was a failure, I brewed vine and mhrb separately and got the vine right but not the light... This time I'm planning on a big multi-dose batch with everything brewed together.

Looking forward to any advice? :)
Yes, thank you, I have read it... I was looking for notes on the ratio differential between fresh and dried materials, which is not addressed there. MMM did a fabulous job with the article, I used it as the basis for my first brew.
Minx explains that it's pretty hit and miss anyhow. So fresh, dry should be treated the same. Brew your mimosa seperate, and mimosa is not 1:1
From my experience brewing fresh and dried materials id say they are equal. Fresh chacruna is significantly more potent than dried but i haven't noticed a difference in fresh vine vs. dried vine.
It all seems to balance out. fresh materials have more mass due to the water content. For example 1 kilo of fresh chacruna leaf will be less plant matter than 1 kilo of dried leafe but the freshness seems to make up for the difference and vise versus. Since dried materials are lighter the larger amount makes up for the decrease in potency. Does that make sense?

Most recipes on the nexus take this into account.

What were your amounts you used when you didn't feel you had enough admixture? mhrb is a more fool proof addy than chacruna. Dries chacruna is very hit or miss. Personally I just use extracted dmt in my caapi when drinking aya at home. It takes out all the guess work and anything with caapi is ayahuasca by definition.

Keep trying. There is a period that aya and your body need to get to know each other. Its not always that your brew is off sometimes its just how it goes in the beginning. Once your body is familiar with aya you could need less than you do in the early days. the more times I drank the less I needed.
this approach is somehwat limited. You need to test your vine out before you just brew it all up..which means start low and work up.

Not all vine is the same..even vine labled the same can differ so so much. One vine can have you vomiting all night with heavy tracers and freaky feelings at 20g..while another one with the same name might not be 1/3 that potent at 60g..it is rare to have B.caapi vine that strong but it does happen, trust me. You should figure out the strength of the vine you have before you ingest it, and especially if you plan on anyone else drinking it.

I have seen minxx not be able to drink more than 20g of some "yellow" caapi when usually she will drink 80g or more of yellow and white vine..she always drinks her ayahuasca slowly over a 30 minute period or so..I always shoot it back-so I drank 80g of that same vine in one shot. I will never not test new vine ever again.

So, yeah...the whole 1:1 thing I dont agree with. This sort of internet lore has it's limits. Test your materials until you find the dose that works, then brew up a larger batch according to those numbers. Ayahuasca is an art that you learn, it usually does not happen the first day. Unlike some, I dont think just getting a huge dose of oral DMT is all that useful of an experience..the ratio's must be right in order for me to really do work with a brew over the long term.
Thanks, y'all... When i used MHRB for light before, I made a full 6g brew and it never got going. Vine was fine all the way, I got pretty lifted just off of that at around 80g worth of my brew. It does seem like a pretty temperamental process, but I'm ready to give it another go.
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