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Aya To Spirit Molecule, view on "ego" Hypothesis

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After trying Aya as well as smoking Spice.

Came up with a hypothesis on Ego And "Enlightenment" .


Body is like a Car.

picture the average way of driving a car. basics, seat comfortable, mirrors, seat belt etc.

the notion of being Egotistical may very well be the above plus wearing a helmet and having an ejection seat in your car,safety goggles, Gloves, mouth guard, 4 cartoon like springs on each side of your car, .

On DMT and even Aya. your driving this car using a gamepad/xbox controller ( vs your feet on brake n accelerator , or even hands on the lever etc ) , while u lay down on the hood of the car holding on tight, Soft trips might be like riding at 5-10 mph, hard ones can be like riding 30mph plus .

your still operating the vehicle but just in a more "detached way".

"Enlightenment thing"

Well on smoked Spice well i can say its "Semi Permanent" effect but it feels as though "weightless weights were removed, or better yet i was "spiritually overweight and Smoked Spice was like ultimate Spiritual Fat burner lol .

Enlightenment not exactly wise or awake but literally "weighing less"

Even on Aya i remember after coming back from a trip i fell asleep , n woke up back in earth and felt like crust on my upper back n calves got removed and the Wings cold Fly again .

Any other member come to something like this or can "draw comparisons " etc.
This is a painting by a Zen master named Hakuin who lived in 18th century Japan. He appended the painting with the following verse:

The monkey is reaching for the moon in the water,
Until death overtakes him he will never give up.
If he would only let go the branch and
disappear into the deep pool,
The whole world would shine with
dazzling clearness.


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