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Ayahuasca recipe - Have I got this right?

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My plan to make Ayahuasca is to buy 100g shredded caapi and 100 grams of dried viridis.

Let me know if I've got this right.

1 Heat 3 litres of water plus a tablespoon of white vinegar.

2 Add materials together, simmer for 3 hours (not boiling)

3 Strain water through t-shirt/coffee filter or whatever. Use plant materials again with fresh water repeating previous steps to do 3 pulls all in all.

4 Combine all 3 liquid pulls together and boil down to 1 litre or so.

Is that about right?

My next question is, can I mix the DMT containing plants?
Like can I use 10g of Mimosa hostilis combined with 90g of Viridis?

Thanks so much for your help.
Ive been reading many books and experience reports on this and Im very interested in where this brew can take me.
I didnt mention or ask for a source.

How does the recipe sound? Can you mix DMT containing plants together?
You can mix but why would you do that?
Aya purists would say blasphemy for aya deonthology reasons, but chemically there is no objection. Personally I would keep them apart to get to know them apart. If feeling in for a mix experiment then I would take a bit of the mimo tea + a bit of the chacruna tea and mix those, instead of mixing a whole 10 + 90 batch. Because you cant go back or modify ratio if its all mixed already, unless you already know that this 10 + 90 is your favorite sweat spot mix of which you wont deviate from anyway. If you do the 10 + 90 then consider it good for 5 starter doses ime.

For caapi maoi the usual standard is 50 gr/dose dry wood, so you would have enough for 2 doses. You can opt for syrian rue as an alternative as you probably know.

If your water is pH 7 then no acid is needed, the plant material will drop acidity enough. Only hard (mineral) rich water might use some help from extra acid, but that is seldom.

Hope this helps.
Thats a great help, I may just use pure bought mineral water as its so cheap from the supermarket in 5litre bottles.
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