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Ayahuasca recipe

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Hi all, so I've been recommended an ayahuasca recipe but I'm unsure about it. I've tried to research it but most of the recipes I've found are different mainly in ratio but also the combination of ingredients. I'm hoping someone here can help shed some light on whether it's a recipe worth going for or if I should change it slightly (the dose is per person). So whats been recommended is 60g b-caapi(yellow) + 30g Chacruna Leaves. +30g Chaliponga Leaves. From what I have read this is much to high in chali, am I wrong? Thanks for any help.
ayahuasca.com forum has a great section for first timers solo, it's kind of their thing.
I suggest 50 gr caapi (finely shredded) + 5 gr chali to start with, per person, per dose.
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