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Ayahuasca trip report

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Actualy it worked but the mimosa is weak I thing.I brew separated the seeds and the mimosa.2x35 min for seeds and 3x45 min for the MHRB.Both in very acid water (mixed with white vinager almost 1/3 part).I brew 5gr SR with 9gr mimos.And took both liquids within 10min spam.Seems that 5gr is mutch more stronger than 3gr I did the last time.At 5 ot 6min after I took the seeds I get effect.Took the MHRB and the nause start kicking soon.It was on etaps.I mean it was comming and going.Around 40min after I took the MHRB the nause become strong with heave bodybload and vertigo.I decided to let it go.After that the trip strarted stronger but the visions wasn't strong.I had benefites from this try befaus I was thinking all the time for tbe releationship with my family and understood many important things.But the visions wasn't nkthing strong -that amazing alien colors.I just remember for them.Next time I will do mlre mimosa.Should I lowe the seeds to 4gr to avoid the vertigo and the bodyload and how mutch time I need to clear my bodyb from the seeds.I took 3.25gr 48h befor this try and probably they stacked.
The harmalas should be completely out of your system by 12 hours.
I can't say definitively, but meclizine seems to work fairly well to counter the vertigo.

Due to drug interactions, I cannot partake but when I'm clean of all the reuptake inhibitors I plan on mixing harmine, DMT, meclizine, and lemon oil. Theoretically, this should result in a clean trip with no nausea, purge, or vertigo.
Friend of me took 5.2gr SR with 12.5gr MHRB.Same way as me,he brew two separated tees and took them within 10min each other.He told me that the effect was very strong and in he pick the visiuals went very clear but most of the time they was dark.The enire expirience was somehow very overexited feeling like tbinking soo mutch and not be calm.How can we improve this and get cleaner expirience with more clear and deel visuals?
We think to order some caapi with chacruna what u think will be the diference and what kind of caapi to choose?
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