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back from india

Migrated topic.
Absolutely fantastic. I don't know how I missed these the first time around.

Endless I am very jealous. India has been on my list of places to visit for a long time now.
ha! parvati vally! such a powerfull place ,this is were i stoped smoking the cannabis. it was november, the pic of the charas season, where every 10 minues sombodey will pass you the chiloom....



I had never seen this thread until now. Thank you Pandora for bumping it. Wonderful narration and beautiful fotos. Soooo cool!

I spent a little over a year living in Sri Lanka back in 1985-86 and I was fortunate enough to travel througout soutthern India. I always wanted to go north, just never had the time.

thanks so much for sharing.

Warm Regards,

Currently reading a book shantaram about an Aussie fugitive living in the Bombay slums, best book I've read in a while really inspirational stuff, want to go India for a period after south east Asia, best food in the world in India! Gregory David Roberts
Wow! Thank you so much for these images and writings, endlessness! My fascination with india has been growing on a daily basis as I have begun to dive into the Bhagavad Gita and other vedic writings. The dichotomy you reference was so perfectly stated, and is a large part of why im fascinated with this region of the world.

Im sure I will have many questions for you as I begin to research the places you went, and start to plan my own journey to this sacred place, so I thank you in advance for your wisdom, empathy, knowledge, and advice!

As antrocoles stated before, I feel like I was along for the ride with you! Im so happy you were able to have this experience, and I can't wait to follow in your foot steps.

Peace and happy journeys :)
Once in a Dheli hotel, the bathroom/tiled wet-room, the wall mounted (electric/plugged in) boiler set alight with blue flame and sparks while i was locked in taking a shower. Ive no idea how i survived.
Wow Endless, those are the most awesome forest and mountain photos I have ever seen. Looks like you had an epic journey worthy of a Tolkien tale or something. And with wild ganja to boot.

Northern India, here I come!
welcome back , I have to say wow it is so beautiful I really want to go there right now. This will be one of my next destinations for sure. Thank you for sharing this with us.
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