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hi everyone,

i have been smoking cannabis now quite frequently - about 3 to 4 times a week for i guess 4 years.
also i have been smoking hookah on a almost regular base for even longer - i mention this because tobacco was always a harder drug for me than others, it makes me feel dizzy almost like a week alcohol feeling. i guess my nicotine tolerance is just very low.

i always had a problem with light headaches but smoking made it worse for me, the day after i had a cigarette, weed or hookah i can feel it. It is a dull feeling mostly on the top right side of my head.

Weed for me makes it easy to get away from stress, easy to just turn my regular work day off.
but i think it makes me numb. It is not really relaxing it just pushes the stress away for it to come back later.

so i decided it is time to stop.

Also i am sure my psychedelic travels especially with DMT would benefit much from a clear head.
Part of why I enjoy DMT so much is the "opening up" effect it has on my head, i can feel my head getting lighter.
I guess the best way to describe this is as if i had been under water for a long time and smoking dmt is like surfacing and taking away the water pressure

I wonder, do any of you have similar experiences?
hey mate

Well i've been smoking Cannabis for about 8 years on a regular basis.
there are times where I smoke it every day for maybe a month straight...and then there are times where i don't smoke for a month at all.
but mostly it's about let's say 3-4 times a week.

The most important thing for me is that the Cannabis I smoke is grown without any chemicals. Chemicals always numb my brain and give me headache.
Also very important is that the Cannabis has been cleaned and not fertilized at least 2 weeks before harvest. Because also residues from organic fertilizer are not nice to smoke and give you a headache.

So when the stuff is clean I always take a look if the stuff is more indica or more sativa.
I like indica really only for days when I wanna turn off my brain and just be "stupid". I think it's important to be stupid from time to time. I know a lot of people saying that smoking weed makes you an idiot...well they don't see the big picture.
The big picture is that your brain is ALWAYS active...when you walk around...when you sleep...even when you try not think about anything at all.
A strong indica gives your brain the break it needs and deserves.

When it comes to sativa...well...that's the part where the love begins. Smoking a strong sativa and having deep conversations...being creative...enjoying the world around....enjoying nature...or also at Festivals. I LOVE IT!

The biggest difference is that i NEVER smoked tobacco. I always smoke pure Cannabis. I think my head and my lungs would freaking explode with tobacco. I hate that stuff!

Have you tried it pure ? Would be nice to know it your headache is maybe triggered by the tobacco.

The thing about the stress is a big deal when smoking Cannabis. An indica strain pushes the stress away. But it does not let you work through it.
Can be great sometimes...but i think it's important to deal with anything that releases stress to your body and mind.
For times like that a good hybrid is the thing. maybe a 50/50 indica/sativa strain gives you the right amount of brain activity but also relaxes you! and that's where the process of dealing with problems and stress really can be enhanced with Cannabis.
It always shows me another perspective! And that's why i love it. It changed me and my life. Made me a better person.

Long story short...a break from consuming Cannabis is always good. But if you consider to consume it again you should pay attention to a few things.

-clean stuff (no fertilizer residues)
-take a look at the strain (indica / sativa/ hybrid)
-consume it pure
-when it comes to headache...maybe don't use the hookah 😉

And the most important thing is....ENJOY IT !

Cheers mate
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