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Bacopa monnieri in ayahuasca brews?

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Has anyone heard of this plant being used before? Or at least some basic information regarding whether or not it is safe in combination with RIMA's?

I came across it today looking for plants with anxiolytic properties & it seems like a potentially beneficial plant to bring into the brew equation.
Enhanced memmory recall seems to be a documented effect & coupled with DMT or ayahuasca it seems it could be beneficial.
I like to take bacopa monnieri as a pressed tablet in the mornings, when I remember to take it that is (ironic, i know).

It really is quite an incredible herb, I experimented a lot with herbs that are supposed to enhance cognitive function and memory recall, but Bacopa monnieri is the only one that has really stuck, it takes the cake.

Although, it requires chronic dosing for the real memory recall benefits to take effect, at least 6 months. It does also have a mild anxiolytic effect, but I don't really notice it. Some are more effected than others. It is also a mild diuretic, but that goes away with continued use as well, like drinking coffee.

As for combining in a brew, I am not sure. I could see it having benefits definitely, but perhaps taken separately, every morning for a few weeks (or months) leading up to it.

I did a little googling, research for you, Bacopa Monnieri is a mild inihibitor of MAO-A and MAO-B. So there you go.
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