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Bad Batch of MHRB? Can it be cleaned up?

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Hello all, I have been lurking on this forum for a few weeks now. A FOAF has just done an A/B extraction using the Marsfold Tek but the acidic ph was 2.4 everything else was the same. He started with 1lb MHRB bought from an online vendor (can I post where?) and ended up with about 5.8g of yellowish crystals. He then recrystalized with virgin Naptha and ended up with mostly white small fluffy crystals..... However, this spice has not smoked like any spice he has used before. It smells the same, it looks the same BUT.... 36mgs did very little...barely threshold. 40mg did not send him anywhere, there were some image flashing, but no kaliediscope patterns, no breakthrough... The after effects were notably strong and lasted longer than usual 55mgs did the same, but the after effects lasted almost an hour.. Was this some bunk Mimosa, maybe a different species? Can this be cleaned up with further recrystalizations, possibly using heptane? My foaf uses a glass bubble type of apparatus, similar to a freebase pipe but with a bent glass bubble vaporizer chamber. It has worked very well for him in the past and he can usually blast off to hyperspace in 1 to 2 tokes @ ~38-50mgs... Any advise I can give to my friendly neighborhood foaf would be much appreciated. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!
5.8 grams from 1 pound? Are you sure? If so, i'm gonna have to go out on a limb and say you spice isn't all spice. I've heard of bark producing poor quality, i.e. weak, spice before. How much loss was there after recrystalization? And no don't post the vendor. You can message me the name, and i'll tell you if i have any experience with them. There are a couple vendors that are known for poor quality bark.
Yeah my foaf is sure. He uses a gempro 50 scale (+/- 2 mg) and double checked it with a different scale 5.8grams. After recrystalization it was more like 4 grams (which is about 1%) He is pretty sure the 4grams are tainted with some other alkies...not sure what. Will repeated recrystalization give him a purer product, or just more of the same with less tanins? Would heptane be more selective and possibly take out some of the unwanted? Would an A/B extraction on the already extracted material work?
1% yield would be spectacular, but it seems apparent it's not all spice. Do you have any non-sudsy ammonia? Might try a wash with that. If not i'd try another recrystalization with heptane.
Wanted to give an update for my good friend. After two recrystalizations, one from Naptha (freeze precipitated) and one from Heptane (room temp)... a workable spice has been obtained. It is still not quite up to par with any other batch he has had, but 76mgs did provide a remarkable trip. The visuals were diminished, but there. The colors were a little faded, it was a little weak, but he is hoping that with 1 more recrystalization from heptane that an even purer spice will be obtained. No ammonia wash was performed.... He is quite upset however, because he lost 2 grams of the tainted spice to a mason jar accident. Heating the mason jar (which has been repeatedly pressure cooked for other reasons) caused the bottom to break out and all the spice and heptane was vaporized upon contact with the simmering water....none could be saved by basification and re-extraction with naptha... However, he still does have 3 grams of workable spice and is quite pleased with that. Thanks for all the resposes....he was grateful for the info.
No, my friend never stored anything in these mason jars. The only thing they ever held prior to naphtha/heptane was BRF, Verm, and water.....no NaOH ever has touched these 1/2pint jars. He uses milk jugs [HDPE (2)] when he basifies. His friend was not thinking and stuck 2grams of tainted spice in said mason jar directly from freezer to pot of almost boiling water... I was unaware of the etching properties of NaOH on glass and will be telling my friend ASAP so he never makes that mistake....Thanks! Also, my friend made a horrible mistake last night. He tried a 58mg dose and go almost nothing, he became frustrated with his bad batch, and put close to 150mgs in the bulb, less than 5 minutes after the first attempt. He was (amazingly) able to take almost the entire thing in 1 hit, POW! It was complete sensory overload and it felt like he was hit with a hammer. VERY rough, no real breakthrough though....he sensed anger...and was unsure what that was about... The implosion was instantaneous..eyes flashed open and nothing but utter chaos and terror....He wasn't able to let go and surrender like usual...the intensity overwhelmed him immediately. He has learned another valuable lesson.,.... weigh your dose and don't be impatient with this stuff. It is not so forgiving. Yet one more recrystalization has been performed....one last try will be had and then the whole batch will be tossed out and his new MHRB will be extracted. Update: 3rd recrystalization was performed...a purer, prettier batch of crappy spice was obtained. The entire batch will be thrown out... It cannot be saved... My friend is certain the bark is to blame....more bad bark circulating...damnit! Do not process any bark that is light tan colored and much thicker than usual....it is not MH but probably some other Mimosa sp.
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