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Bad fight on Indian beach

Migrated topic.
benzyme said:
Jarppi said:
I suppose in the USA and Mexico fistfights are not as big of a deal because there's a big problem with gun violence and I'd imagine nobody wants to risk getting shot over stuff that might spark a fistfight in other circumstances.


fistfights are kid stuff, grade school. grown men will pull out guns.
you can't outpunch/outkick/outchoke a bullet.

In my neck of the woods if people could settle things over a fist fight that would be cause for celebration, sadly I hear about people being murdered regularly. Usually over drugs and money. :cry:
hug46 said:
Starway6 if you plan on staying in the Uk for 6 months, i highly recommend Cornwall. It is lovely there and has the best fish and chips that i have ever eaten. If you are into the old history go visit Tintagel castle.
(however i will add that i once got soundly beaten by 2 Cornish bully boys in an alcohol related incident).

Thank you..I will check out cornwall some day and stonehinge also!
Im really interested in visiting Norwich, the most complete medieval city in
what to say ,

population might be a reason , people need space and there are somehow too much people in india

however i am going to soon use my jedi mind tricks to lower the population magically:lol: :lol: :lol:

edit : people i will also use my jedi powers for global peace once my powers are strong enough , its inevitable :lol: :lol: :lol:
Infectedstyle said:
Not being racist here but...


When you say, that an ethnic group is a problem, that's damn sure racist. :thumb_dow You could have said that some members of this ethnic group cause a problem.

And for the fights...

Yeah...they are pretty common in Germany. Every bigger event, even bigger psy trance parties (sometimes even small´ones) has fight's, mainly fist fights. Most fights are over quickly here and people are somewhat used to whitness or even fight them.

Those big football matches are really scary...
When i said that this ethnic group is a "problem" I meant it moreso in a political sense.

The majority of political controversy at this moment is directed towards a certain political group who appeals to a large proportion of voters by publicly raising the issue of this ethnic group as a national crisis. What they fail to mention however is that after WW2 the dutch have willingly brought in this ethnic group to do uneducated-labor.

I guess when thinking about it the only real issue that I think is at play here is a matter of poverty and education. The language barrier between the dutch and foreigners causes a divide in income between the two and really I think a lot of the dutch are just pissed off that they have to give in a part of their paycheck to support these people. And a bit of a ghetto-effect from these guys who feel as if they are treated as lesser and have a hard time getting a proper job and all. So a bit of racism from both sides and hurt feelings. But it's a national topic not my personal opinion that's what I was trying to say. :p
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