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bad science

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theres a lot of interesting science related threads on this website.

sometimes i notice some people don't believe/misunderstand 'modern' science but believe/prefer to trust some other 'new-age' science.

so i recommend this site, and the author's book. good at explaining what to believe and where the bullshit lies - from both sides.


"Homeopathy is kind of like a response to a dog pooping on your lawn. Not only is it a major stinker, but one could use homeopathy to clean off the residue of dog crap from the lawn, if you use enough of it"

Touche Guevara said:
benzyme said:
bad science is using a turkey baster (or siphoning) for separating the nonpolar solvent from the aqueous phase.

get a sep funnel, ffs.
A sep funnel isn't better science, it's just easier science.

it's standard science.
borosilicate is universal in chemistry, inert glassware.
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