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Baraka SHE?


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Hey. In the chat everyone was just talking about how great it would be to trip & watch Baraka. Anyone want to pick a day for a baraka she?
I've only seen that movie once a long time ago, and from what I remember the scenes about destroying nature (logging, strip mining, poverty, war, concentration camps, and mass graves) would ruin the experience for me. Not to detract from your guys(s)/girls(s) plans on it though. I think something like 'Planet Earth' or 'Life' would be equally as amazing since it doesn't contain all the negative aspects that Baraka does. Not to mention the great detail that 'Planet Earth' has. I could just imagine a Planet Earth in HD: SHE event.
LOL house! I'm so old and ignorant I had to look Baraka up and watch a trailer on Youtube.

This is the 3rd millenium version of Kooyanisqaatsi(sp?), isn't it?

I cannot wait to hear your reports folks, but I'll pass, thanks. It was not easy to do in the 1980's. I wouldn't attempt it today.

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۩ said:
I'm more of a fan of eye lids.
I'm with you on this one. Why, in my opinion, ruin the experience by watching a screen out infront of you when you have a much more majestic and aye inspiring screen on the back of your eyelids.
LSD is a good choice substance for watching movies or listening to music on.
its funny you mention planet earth, I recently got a large flatscreen in my bedroom (where I like to trip) and i am downloading a 50GB Bluray version of planet earth as we speak, for the sole intention of having it on while Im piloting my ship to hyperspace :)

Im assuming were both talking about the BBC docu..?
I can't even get NEAR a room with a TV in it, with spice on board. It always feels like the malevolent eye of Sauron burning into my soul... and not in a good way. Even if it's turned off, I don't want to look at it. Computer screen is more tolerable, but just barely.

I would much rather stare at trees and watch em dance for me, or candle flame, or go the eyelid route as previously mentioned. Anything but the TV.

Edit: I AM, however, on board for a SHE anytime soon. I will look up this film and meditate on the plot/concept while others watch. Sounds like fun.
fortunately or not , this was the documentry i watched after smoking spice first time in my life , about 2 hours after smoking it , as this was the only movie on my friends pc
was nice for grounding and realizing that i am back on planet earth

but nobody can watch a movie or video while smoking spice , they can ofcourse but who knows how the experience will be , has anyone tried it , watching a video and smoking spice at the same time ??
for i never will , ambient music or silence works best for me
I've never been a fan of TV while tripping, but last fall I ended up watching Black Dynamite just after peaking on a strong shroom trip. I just laughed like a maniac for an hour and a half :) Hahahaha The trip was kind of a disaster up to that, but couldn't have ended better :)

Black Dynamite is da shit :)
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