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Base DMT smoking.

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What is stronger? A bulb with turbocheckfire or gravity bong with mint at the bottom, the basis in the middle and mint from above?
Tried to make the dmt-machine with iron bast, fail, dmt follows from it.
I don't want to seem like I am putting you down but a brief search would have helped you. The F.A.Q and the Nexus Wiki, both found top left are your go to resource. The Chat room is the place too for basic questions. Technique is more important than which method is "stronger". Using spice and mint you could use the "sandwich" method in a small bong or make enhanced leaf. You need a good scale which can measure 0.010, jewellers scales are not too expensive on-line. Equal weight spice/leaf, 10ml acetone per 0.5 gram spice. Dissolve spice in acetone,mix in leaf, let evaporate and alles klaar. :)
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