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Basic Ayahuasca Questions

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As long as the spirit of the vine is present, it is Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca includes Caapi-only brews. Aya + Mimosa is not traditional, but it is still her voice and spirit that drives the experience, exactly in the same way as with all the traditional admixtures. Aya is the healer, and the guide. The admixture is the candle/desk lmap/spotlight held to the work she performs.

It's interesting, when you experiment with different admixtures and learn their personalities. I see much more shamanic/jungle imagery with the traditional admixtures; Mimosa has a voice and opinions of its own, but it is definitely willing to teach humans, and work with Ayahuasca, if the spirit is approached in a respectful way. :)
Ayahuasca can refer to the ayahuasca or b cappi vine itself, or it can refer to the psychededlic brew made traditionally in the Amazon, usually containing a mixture of b. cappi and chaliponga/charcuna, and other admixes. As for aya/mimosa being "traditional" it is not, but yeah it is still "ayahuasca"(and still awesome)
Yes each admix definely has its own spirit and character, and mimosa is certainly my favorite.. chali is great too
Some one try out that eggwhite thing I promise you it works miracles, youl never complain about taste/texture of mimosa again. Seriously it tastes like water!
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