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I am a regular user of Caapi Alkaloids, years ago I started on Rue Alkaloids.

Recently I could only acquire Rue seeds. I performed an extraction and recalled the tek and the use of Sodium Carbonate instead of NoAH for the final extraction process.

Now I am performing an Caapi extraction and wondering would anything be wrong with using Sodium Carbonate for the final Basification instead of the usual NoAH.

The reason I ask before trying is that I have a limited quantity and cannot afford to make any mistakes.

Any advise is appreciated .
Thank you.
I have not personally tried it but I have read some posts in Gibrans tek thread that suggest that basifiying Caapi with Sodium Carbonate is not ideal.

If you prefer to stick with NaOH, with a ph meter/papers is easy to make sure that your final product has no NaOH left.
Thanks Shade,
I will stick with NoAH .. What I will do down the line though, is base the same brew half with NoAH & half with Sodium Carbonate and see exactly what the difference is.
I have not used Sodium Carbonate in this particular case, but avoid it completely now with Rue extracts and Harmala separations. The main problem for me stemmed from its poor solubility. The best thing that happened to me with Rue extractions was reading the VDS protocol and switching to Ammonia for basing. Not sure how this would fit with Caapi though. NaOH is also very soluble and cleaner, but obviously much stronger. Nevertheless the concentration can be controlled, and so the pH, by dilution?
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