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Best GVG Alternatives

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Hi all,

I only have a fairly basic understanding of smoking devices and how they work.

I'm wondering what devices people would recommend to someone in a country where the GVG isn't really possible? (glass pipes are a no-no here, and many other cannabis type pipes for that matter).

I've looked through some of the smoking topics and it seems like; the machine, key v2, crafty/mighty, are all reasonable alternatives.

I like the look of the Crafty, being discrete, small enough for your pocket, and temp control. But not as cool as being able to watch the vapor.

What are peoples thoughts on these or other devices?

Tro [ipes that have worked the best for me was a gspot steamroller with an ash bed, and a vape rda.
Anything that is based on controlled heating by convection instead of conduction. In other words, a method based on hot air passing through the container as opposed to a hot surface that directly touches the material being vaporized.

You can use a classic vaporgenie that is made of wood if the problem is simply the glass.. Its not as good as the GVG but its still better imo than most of the other common methods like a bong, the machine, lightbulb vape, etc...

You could in theory just fit the top ceramic filter of the vaporgenie/gvg in another pipe or bong of matching dimensions and that'd make it vaporizing pipe instead of combusting pipe...

Also you could check out the green buddha which seems to be as good as the gvg, but you 'assemble' it yourself. Or you can just get the top part, again, and put that in any other kind of pipe or bong.
Thanks for the responses,

I'd looked at the green buddha Endlessness, but don't think I could get that or the gspot streamroller past NZ customs.

I didn't know about RDA's but I have an 'ijust s' already, so I could just buy an RDA and swap the tops over?

How affective are RDA's? Could they handle changa?

I think a classic vaporgenie would be OK to import, can't see any for sale in NZ, but other wooden pipes are available here.

Rda is for liquid so if you had a changa extract you could vape it. A well wicked rda you could vape dry amd they hit pretty hard.

And yes, you should just be able to screw an rda right to the top of your istick.
I swear by my little here tube, and it costs less than five bucks US to make. Where i live the supplies can be found some convenience stores. Similar in principle to another kind of freebase pipe, the only real difference being the extra pad of copper mesh. Simply constructed by placing a big was of copper mesh (for scrubbing pans, make sure any coating is burned off prior to use), then your spice is placed onthat and another piece of mesh on top of the spice as a 'flame shield'. Works like a charm for me and beats spending over$100 in my book.

It kind of a b###h to clean and reloading takes some effort, but that's the price of economy. Best luck to your smoalking endeavor whatever your choice, op.


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