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Best method for smoking the spice?

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I know this subject has probably been done a lot of times but I want to weigh the options. I know melting the spice on top of a bowl of herbs seems to be a popular method, but what about a freebase pipe? Which works better? And how does vaporizing fit into things? I want to make sure SWIM gets a good hit.
A lot of people say the machine is the way to break through. I haven't tried it but next time I'm smoking it's going to be the machine.
You should find a thread about it on the old forum.
Big Inhale said:
look up the machine
DMTripper said:
A lot of people say the machine is the way to break through. I haven't tried it but next time I'm smoking it's going to be the machine.
You should find a thread about it on the old forum.

I have been looking for "The Machine" or at least a pic of it. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Can someone post a pic?

EDIT: Nevermind. I found one. So long looking and just now it was one last search.

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SWIM only used the machine and still has a lot of questions. Here is the process he developed.

1. He uses 150 ml bottle but have found a smaller one (50ml). The bigger one may better cool the spice on its way to SWIM's lungs but more spice may be lost due to condensation. Any suggestions?

2. Best results so far were achieved with a torch lighter. SWIM tried a candle and an ordinary lighter but with those the spice is more prone to burning. The torch also creates a draft so the smoke does not come out from the wrong end of the machine.

3. He slowly heats the bottle neck for a minute and then puts the flame very close to the metal shavings. If simultaneously he forcefully inhales, the spice would not flash and the vapor generates in very thick flow. Actually the spice evaporates so fast that it seems that 50 mg or more could be done in one toke if SWIM could control his cough.

He is close to finishing his first 670 mg batch (light yellow fluffy small crystals extracted with Noman's tek).

Any suggestions of more experienced SWIYs or spirits on the use of the machine?
I can't recommend more strongly that you make enhanced leaf
pages 14-16

smoke it in a pipe like this

The Machine

keep the spice in the steelwool n place it in the neck of t bottle rite at t start dont use 2 much steelwool,, heat the neck for some seconds whr t steelwool is after few seconds ull c some smoke,, keep it for a minute to cool. place ur mouth on t hole uv made at t end of the bottle ,,lite a lighter n pullllll. i use 50ml henessey bottle,, i guess bigger bottle will cool t smoke n that will taste very bad !!
have a large amount. don't weigh it... ;)

put it in over ash or some sort of plant material. smoke slowly while taking deep breaths. attempt not to actually light the spice on fire, but it can happen, so sometimes adding extra beforehand to make up for that is helpful. make sure not to stop smoking when the effects begin....lay down relax and let go...or dance :)
get a normal glass pipe and put 4 metal gauzes in then the spice then 2 more gauzes on top. this stops the melted spice from dripping down the pipe and protects it from the flame. when i swithed to this method ( previously using light bulb vapourizer ) i breakthough everytime with 50mg.
SWIM uses an improvised bong made of a pipe head attached to the side of a water bottle.. Swim puts a metal screen in the pipe head, then some ashes, then the spice, then more ashes... SWIM can breakthrough without any problem in this way, and it´s easy to disassemble the bong and transport it with the materials separately without causing any suspicion
Saidin said:

Which herbals would you recommend? Do you have an impression which ones create which effects/enhancements?

I use lotus (blue/white mix) and find that it calms down the experience a tad and the smoke is silkly smooth.

Damania seems pretty neutral.

OMG Coschi, that thing looks wicked. Where would one find one of these?
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