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Best Of Collection of Classic Forum Posts?

i just came across this post and thought to myself, "damn, this is one of the better posts i've read on here." searched for a "best of" directory, but didn't see it. maybe this already exists somewhere and i just suck at searching. but if not, a collection of "best of" posts on different topics would be great.

you can utilize the existing "like" buttons to signify nominations. adding a specific emoji like a crown or trophy can serve as a user vote for "best of." users would be encouraged to vote on older posts they come across (or have bookmarked already) to retroactively build the classics, too. and i'm sure older users/mods can just point to classics that already deserve the hof/classic status.

this isn't crucial or anything since the posts ain't going anywhere. but at the very least, implementing the voting system now would get votes built up in the meantime. no reason you can't table the actual tallying or voting in induction way down the line.
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