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Best time of year to start from seed?

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I start seed year round. I generally just keep my seed very humid, warm, and in partial shade to full sunlight for the first few weeks and then move them to full sunlight if I can. For Lophophora, you will see they are just right when they are nice and round from the moment they sprout. If they elongate, you have not given them enough light, but no worries as this can be rectified simply by giving them more light slowly. I frequently have my seedlings turn red or purple from too much light, but this is again okay as they will outgrow it and grow perfectly fine so long as they are slowly introduced to the amount of sunlight in question. I basically treat my Lophophora and Trichocereus identical to each other for germination, grafting, and growing purposes for the first several months.

Hope that helps.
It does! And might I say thank you for all the knowledge I have already gained from you through reading your posts! Much love and respect, friend!
Year round for me also. The big difference this year is that i have lights for my seedlings rather than just keeping next to a south facing window and my seedlings look as nice as the ones i had in the greenhouse over the spring/summer. I ended up with some strange looking lophophoras from last year that werent provided enough light, that im hoping eventually get a lil closer to norml over time.
The humidity early on is as easy as keeping your trays/pots in ziplock bags.
Thanks for the response, Cat. So I am pretty sure I got the basics now. I am just starting a few today, and after I make sure I got this right, I am going to start more. I ordered some grafting stock, so I am going to give that a shot, too. I have been researching by reading the threads extensively! So much to learn. But I am more than an apt pupil! Williamsii mix is the most plentiful of my seed, so I am starting there before I try to germ them before the verified texana. Luckily this really awesome cat I met dragged me in a sweet haul or seeds! Gotta get that cat a treat or something. 😁
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