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best way of storing spice so it will not change color?

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does the color change come because the spice is reacting with oxygen? could i seal it in a one of those little vacuum flasks?
would it be possible to for example store the spice in a solvent to prevent oxygen from getting to it and whenever one needs some one could use an eyedropper to drop out as much spice-rich solvent as one needs. let the solvent evaporate which shouldn't take too long for one dose. then have your way with it. that way one could store bigger quantities for longer periods without having to go through the whole acquiring process again each time one wants some.

what do you think about this idea? what kind of solvent would be best to use? which solvent holds the most spice and evaporates cleanly?

of course one would need to calculate how saturated the solvent will be with spice at storing temperature to accurately measure out a dose.
just freeze it and dont open the vial much. the best solvent to use would be one that evaporates fast like hexane or ether. but its not necessary to bother.

and yes the yellow color is believed to be DMT n oxide. which yes forms upon exposure to oxygen. there are teks out there to turn this dmt oxide back into dmt if one thinks that most of their spice is degraded. there are reports of people storing spice for months at room temperature with no noticable loss in potency so SWIM wouldnt worry about it.
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