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Big face!

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Just came back.. um, though I never went anywhere. Had trouble letting go, in fact, there was absolutely no feeling of needing to let go. I was completely in myself. Don't know what went wrong really. Dose was high enough, it lit just fine.

Visuals: Open eye there was a large centipede that came down from the ceiling, that same old kaleidoscope effect, eyes focused on it. It was about 4 foot "hanging" from the ceiling plaster, though made up of the ceiling plaster, plus the colored lines that make up these shapes now and then. It came down, legs moved, it twitched as if recognizing that I was another living thing. For a moment, we saw each other which caused the familiar (to me at least) "WAH WAH WAHWAHWAH" that resounded in my ears and can be quite abrasive at times. The sort of sudden blast of sound in my head that causes me to wince and always happens when I ask a question to an entity I feel might be "near" or when I look directly into the eyes of something and it looks back.

Closed eye was a mess. Beautiful pinwheel spirals of dark oil colors making up nearly everything, but it was strange. It was a roller coaster at first, I saw heads outlined, but were poor renditions of human heads. There was a fast movement, something that made me breath a little heavier and the visions dissolved to laughing things. Insect-like creations, seemed to have fur or perhaps that was the fractal mess, and seemed to shift between insect to gremlin while laughing. Very strange, very different from any past experiences.

Sounds: Not at all the typical bells of a breakthrough at first, though my dose was easily a breakthrough amount through guesswork of previous amounts. There was a choir that became incredibly audible in my head at some points. A rising note that would descend back down after a short time. At one point I mustered up the where-with-all to attempt throat singing. It felt amazing, but it seemed to cause a very odd portion of this experience.

The big face: As I stumbled through a throat sung note (or three.. haha), my eyes HAD to open. It just had to happen. So I did. The room was not a mess as it usually is when I open my eyes from what is essentially an aborted breakthrough. There was a 3D shape appearing, much like the centipede did. It became clear as a big face, nothing about its geometry resembled my room. All at once I my breath was gone and there was total silence. The ringing bells played lightly in my mind, but there was still an echo of the vibrating notes from the throat singing. The face was never fully defined, but there was the clear moment when the face and I recognized eachother's presence and my head went all "WAH" again.

Idea on why this was an unusual experience: Day time instead of the usual night. Other than that, no clue. Hehe
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