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Bitter Taste Receptors

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Legarto Rey

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Interestingly, extra-oral bitter receptors are populated throughout mammalian organ systems. Growing evidence reveals that they participate in health maintenance broadly...cardiopulmonary, gastrointestinal, nervous system, hepatic, renal and immune functions against pathogens and malignancy.

Many phyto-nutrients, including alkaloids, are bitter substances. It seems that the, "poison is in the dose", applies bigly re bitters in the diet. Really cool topic, please explore!

This makes sense. I was starting to feel a bit run down lately so I got out the Swedish Bitters a few days ago and have been sipping it regularly throughout the day as well as drinking it up my nose mornings and evenings (I had sinus trouble). Along with getting back on the case with harmala extraction, this has brought me back into shape rather nicely.
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