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Hello to everyone, i recently acquired 1kg bark of this plant and i was wondering if anyone has used it. It's supposed to be containing Tetrahydroharmine among the rest, i found very little info on DMT nexus considering this plant. I was thinking i could put some bark in alcohol and let it sit for 8 weeks minimum. I am also thinking about making tea with it. Any more info or suggestions welcome
I have checked the thread you are talking about (basically that's where i learned that this plant is supposed to have THH) but i was looking for experiences from people who tried it since then. Good observation about ethanol, maybe i should soak it in apple cider vinegar instead. I will look more into traditional usage too, thank you :)
Hello to everyone...I have left 100 grams of Bobinsana in 500 ml apple cider for about a month. I test 15-20 ml at a time and i have calming effects for sure. For meditation i find it nice. I don't know if it's tetrahydroharmine what calms me since i have never tried pure TTH. I left some Bobinsana in 40% vodka too but i will have to wait 2 more months before i try it, making it into a tincture. And a question that might seem naive, since i don't even have basic knowledge for chemistry:
Could i try to freebase some apple cider vinegar with the Bobinsana in it (the one that has been sitting for about a month) with the use of carbonate soda preferably until it reaches the PH where TTH is supposed to be?

Thank you
Hello, the tincture i made with vodka is potent. Because i had the whole plant, i put it into the blender to chop it into little pieces before i proceeded with soaking it with vodka. In combination with Harmalas i find it gives a zen feeling. Other than that i believe lemon balm would blend in nicely as well, i have done it a few times and i liked it. On its own i have tried before falling asleep and it makes my sleep smoother. More experimentation is needed, in fact i will have some today before falling asleep.

CosmicLion could you please explain why it is one of your favorite plants and at what dosages and what form you take it? :)
CosmicLion said:
It is one of my favorite plants of all time...

Like Locoboy I am very curious about this plant ally. Purportedly it contains tetrahydroharmine, but I am having trouble finding any detailed information about this. Several sites claim that it contains "harmala alkaloids" so hopefully that is pointing towards the likely presence of thh. Basically I'm trying to find an affordable source of thh to supplement the harmala alkaloids in esphand/peganum seeds. I have very little vine left, but even when I restock I'd like to add some thh as an admixture to my caapi brew. If the hype from some vendors is to be believed then this could be the reason that some shamans add bobinsana (Calliandra angustifolia) to their ayahuasca brews.

Does anyone have data on alkaloid concentrations in bobinsana? E.g., how much, which alks, which parts of the plant, etc...

Any reliable info would be greatly appreciated
I don't think you will find a lot of useful info on bobinsaya . It is an ayahuasca additive ...a tree spirit ...

The local tribes that use it use it for ridding the drinker of bad luck among other things . Like a lot of ayahuasca additives a lot don't really have any clear compounds that have been studied extensively. Caapi and many are studied by folks like us scientifically but because of the hundreds of plant s that are added in different tribes and area of the South America it's hard to know exactly what is in each

Bobinsaya is more studied though

I don't know the compounds off the top of my head but it is a medicine I know that , it has purgative properties and antibacterial properties as well. I don't think that it is particularly a "high " tree meaning it doesn't seem to have any of the "I can isolate a compound to get me high" qualities , it has some medicinal traits and has some spirit associated with it that is supposed to be protective against bad luck if I'm not mistaken
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