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Body Parts and Psychedelic Shimmers

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Neō KyK ĖntheŌnaut
Hello Nexus, it's been a while since i haven't participated but here is a post:

DMT has always been somewhat physical to me. Especially i get surge through my spine that makes me want to contract and stretch the muscle of my back, often as my head would roll and my face end up looking at the sky. In the afterglow, if i am to move, there is the sensation of a weight in the lower part of my body, in the hip region and it seem to coordinate all my movements and really be moved of a will of its own that is really palpable in those moments, and make my movements really amusing and kinetic. Beyond that i also get shivers, a cold sensation, big grin, tears coming up in silence and sometimes unoticed or an urge to pee.

Here will be a log of some sort of meditation practices, i guess you could say that, that happened globally through the late year and at times i was not always engaged with spice but with threads that all seem to tie to the same axis.


is a simple observation, awarness of some parts of the body and resulting effect on concioucness.

Engaging perception of the body in a precise way, by selecting some elements of it, seems to have psychedelic effects and correlate to the sense of being pieced appart felt during the experience. Seeing body parts is also represented in arts and experienced in hallucinations. Here we can trigger that by creating sort of schemes in the body, either symmetrical or not.

More precisly some parts of the body seem to have effect on awarness.

- focusing on the occiput gets me in direct peripheral vision and sort of calms me, getting global awarness in a sort of cold way.

- focusing on the inner of the mouth cavity enhances colors, they become a bit more vivid.

- focusing on the sacrum and coxys made it feel like everything was inhabited by a very old presence. Whitch was totally weird, but happened very storngly during winter and not like it afterward. It felt like we are usually aware of the upper side of the vertebra complex because it ends where our conscioucness appears to be seated, but there seems to be some more ancient foundation to this weird thing of ours. At the time of experiencing this, trees and plants in general had become very very alive and seemed to be associated strongly to this experience of the spine's root.

Applying visualisation and directions in this has sometimes been very powerful. For exemple feeling my all body is going in an upward direction and every time i feel something i feel it in the said direction that is oriented to the pinnacle of my head. When we visualise ourselves we do so in a certain way, so changing that way seems to have certain effect. It's often subtle but can also be more potent, like making you feel, litteraly, upplifted in the case of the previous exemple.

Another exemple would be that to listen, you focus on your ears, and therefore take a sided direction. Which results in different sets of moods and new perceptions too.


is the most effective method and maybe the most interesting. It is more concrete.

In Yoga there is a breathing technique called Ujjayi (उज्जायी) which means the "victorious breath" or is called "ocean breath" because of the sound it makes, by contracting the glotis and provoc a warm feeling throughout the body. It was during the end of a yoga session, resting in the dead position, that i became snorting and could feel what i interpreted like the upper side of the nasal cavity. Which lead to trying to contract it eventually and that lead to a "Upper" Ujjayi, maybe you could say.

The psychedelic interest being that there is a direct effect on retinal persistence and eventually things start breathing if i perform it for long. It really slows down time. Beyond that there is a relaxing effect, sometime it gets the fatigue away and clears the head a bit.

I'm trying to explain it in different ways:

- on the exhale you can try and feel like you push the air in the direction of the eyes.

- if you take a deep and sudden breath, it will feel less relaxed than normal and you can feel the contraction happening somewhere inside. When you have noticed you can just contract without the necessity of making strong inhales.

- you can also try different direction, like trying to feel you're breathing air coming from the floor, reach far and in return the contraction happens earlier.

- you can make sounds at the same time using A, E, I, O, U, OU and it seem to contract a bit differently and result in slightly different effects. For exemple I is very energetic and upward. E is more laid back and horizontal. A is more relaxing and downward.

So this is more or less the same thing in different apparels but i hope it will help for those who want to try. If you have it, you can try feeling the intermediary between this and Ujjayi, doing it with more or less intensity, more or less relaxation and subtelty. You could also just be aware as in "first" of this part of the body.


from that, more hypothetical, there is apparently traces of DMT in the cerebro spinal fluid, it is a liquid made from the amniotic fluid at the earlier stage of conception and that bathes the brain and the spinal collumn up and down. There is a point in the nasal cavity where it can sometime come out and the Kechari Mudra practice of the Yogis, which consist of cutting some part of the tongue so it can go to touch the nasal cavity from within as to collect the elixir "Amrita", has been said to be linked to this. While CSF leak is apparently dangerous maybe the stimulation of said region might have certain effect.

In general, breathing involves many region of the body and odes indeed travel from bottom up, expanding in inhaltion and retracting in exhalation. Maybe by contracting the nasal cavity there is also a subtle contraction around the spine that prioritize certain body function over others or something or direct more precisly movement, or there is more specific oxigenation of the brain. I don't really know appart from the effect but it's amusing to think about.


for me it would be really interesting to have feedback on this from other people that are used to psychedelic mischief. See you.
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