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Boiling dmt-naptha

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Swims original plan was to use a boiling flask to concentrate the dmt-containg naptha for freeze precipitation wile collecting the distilled naptha. They read the boiling point for naptha can be between 30-90c. For some reason the naptha they have is boiling at 120c. They have 2 different brands and there boiling at the same temp. They've also read that dmt has a boiling point of 160c, so everything should be fine right? There worried that reducing it at these temps will make it hard for it to freeze precip out because They've ran into a few issues where if they heat the dmt-naptha too much it turns into a colored oil believed to be n-oxide. Would boiling dmt-containing naptha change the way dmt forms later on? Or could they theoretically just leave it on the burner and distill it till its dehydrated or will it turn into an oil at some point and start degrading?
DMT N-Oxide is believed to psychoactive itself, and to be like DMT.
It can be reconverted to DMT, but it's basically like doing it over again 😁

Weird your naphtha has such a high bp.

According to erowid DMT has a much lower bp (60-80 °C) than the one you suggest. If I was you I would stay away from such high temperature when dealing with freebase DMT (unless it's smoalk time 😁 )

On the other hand DMT salts should be pretty much more resistant to heat, but this doesn't help you anyway.
I apologize in advance for being a "pretentious nerd" but:

On your 5-meo-DMT molecule for your avatar, the methyl group at N1 is depicted as "C3H", which represents 3 carbons and one hydrogen, which is not correct, it should be either "CH3" or "H3C"...

Complexity said:
According to erowid DMT has a much lower bp (60-80 °C) than the one you suggest.

That b.p. is under a fairly stiff vacuum. Nonetheless, 120°C is a bit on the hot side and you'll find product co-distils. Also there is the possibility of forming 2-methyltetrahydro-β-carboline AFAIK the effects of which we don't really know.
Things went pretty well. Freeze precip produced a very high yield, a couple grams pulled from a gallon of concentrated freebase acrb. Using 1l of naptha for 2 pulls then reducing, freezing pouring off and drying. However it has been drying for a long time(3 days) and the crystals seem oily still. Is this lingering naptha or is it fats from the plant? Swim did defat with limonie when it was an acid before the naptha pull so maybe it has to do with that. Swim seperated them quite well but maybe some of the limonine stayed in the acidic reduction and came out in the naptha pull after swim freebased it. Swim took a small amount of oily dmt and disolved it in 99% iso alchohol filtered and then let that dry overnight, it then wasnt oily anymore after drying, tested it and it was good. The heat didnt really damage it at all as far as swim can tell, but swim was very carefull to pay attention to it being reduced. Swims thinking of defatting with iso, drying, and then re x in heptane. As for my avatar I made this account when I was a lot younger and didn't know much about molecules.
First pull
ACRB contains roughly equal parts DMT/NMT
Check the thread by Arcologist, pinned to the Advanced section, describing how to separate the two tryptamines in one easy step. It works!
Was able to separate the dmt from the nmt pretty easily through re-crystallization controlling temps. Reducing the naptha pulls in a distillation apparatus works very well for reducing the volume before freeze precip, allowing to reuse the distilled naptha for further pulls. It did not damage the dmt at all. Heres a re-x with naphtha, still needs one more.


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