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Breakthrough on Jungle Mix ...

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So ... SWIM's last breakthrough ended with an "evil jester" (as he thought of it at THAT time) opening a bottle of negativity to SWIM. This baffled SWIM and led to alot of future bad experiences.

SWIM has dug deep into his mind to realize the many things bothering him that he normally doesn't think of.
He honestly feels he's resolved 95% of the negative things in his life. The remainder, he has no control over and accepts that.

He's been playing with a straight xylene extract from some not so abundant mimosa plant.
It takes him 2 hits of this extract to get remotely close to 1 hit of his normal yellow/white DMT product well ..
As far as overall intensity goes anyway. It seems this jungle has some more powerful psychological aspects to it though, a tad bit less visual intensity.
The visuals even ..... I'll stop there because there's no way I could explain. You just gotta experience it.

Based on SWIM's multiple experiences with pure NN and Jungle, he estimates 5-6 STRONG hits of this jungle mixture (suspended on zigzag papers) will be ~- to 3 hits of pure NN in intensity.
Even though he'd be alot more comfortable with another NN breakthrough, his mind urges him to do it with the "jungle mix".

I'm wondering who else here has gone that far with jungle... I've noticed alot of people seem to fear it which, I think is quite understandable. It's effects hit in quite a different manner and intensity. SWIM has read no report of breakthrough on jungle.

I'm really looking for someone else who's tried this. Entering the other side on NN was CRAZY intense itself.
SWIM just cannot grasp what jungle would be like.........
actually SWIM has been messing with jungle extracted with d-limonene lately...hes had a few breakthroughs while smoked..but they are less intense than pure crystals..but also super enjoyable...

how hes been using it lately is leaving it as a fumarate and taking it orally with THH and harmine...

and boy did he get a massive surprise last night!

he was going to introduce a friend to pharma...and so him, SWIM's gf and SWIM....EACH took 125mg THH, 50mg Harmine, and 60mg Jungle Fumarate..a pretty standard 'easy' dose for SWIM

anyway...he mixed up the dmt and harmalas together in warm water...SWIM and his gf took theirs first..as their friend had some pre-launch gitters..and well he should...

about ten minutes later SWIM's friend drinks his brew...and then goes out for a cig...when he comes back inside SWIM had already started tripping...and it kept getting MORE intense..and more intense...he was losing touch...the visuals started to completely overwhelm him..and he got a little nervous because this is usually a VERY manageable dose..anyway..this is where the vomiting started...SWIM ran outside with his jug of water and commenced to puke himself up...the visuals were overwhelming his vision and he couldnt see anything...he experienced what people call ego death...which to him seems like a rather nice way of saying that you have no fucking clue whats going on or where you are or anything

SWIM lost all touch with his memories...everything was extremely alien and he felt like he had made a huge mistake..because at that point he didnt even know what he had taken..or even what taking something meant..obviously he was concerned about his friend and gf...because he didnt know if what they had taken was doing the same thing to them..or even what he had given them..and if it was safe...he was afraid they would die...whatever that meant..he didnt really know..

well slowly after about two hours..the visuals subsided and his memories of who he is and what he does started to come back..

it felt like he had rebooted his computer and the operating system was slowly being loaded back...he was using words but didnt know how he knew them...he asked for a flashlight even though he didnt know what it did..just that he needed it to see in the dark..

haha he heard something outside when he went to puke and he thought it was some weird alien creature that was stalking him...and finally realized it was probably a raccoon...

anyway...this sort of rebooting thing or ego loss or memory wipe has only happened three times that he can remember...and they always come out of nowhere...and they always involve THH...the first time was during a SHEvent...he smoked some spice at the launch time..and didnt get any visuals whatsoever...but lost all his memories for about 30 minutes..the second time was with normal heptane extracted spice..he took this orally and got blasted out of his head for about three hours....

and then this time was by far the most visual experience...he say even more so than smoking it..and only from 60mg dmt fumarate...which is around only 45-50mg dmt...well jungle and dmt

perhaps if SWIM had been expecting it..he could have enjoyed it better...his friends said he puked for at least an hour..and he only feels like it was a few minutes...for some reason when the visions get really intense like that puking is the only thing he can do for awhile..

anyway...SWIM is excited to try some more...now that hes expecting possible ego death...its just tough because when you finally get to that space....well its got to be the most confusing place SWIM has ever been to..but its also extremely healing as well..to be reduced to nothing so quickly and forcefully..and then to come back so quickly..granted 2-3 hours isnt as fast as say 5 minutes when smoking it...but i think going the oral route can be way way way more intense and deep

anyway...jungle spice is something else...and if you are using it or clean dmt...be prepared to be surprised once and awhile..this stuff has a mind of its own sometimes
The jungle is a strange beast, i have had some experience in the matter. Generally it takes me about 2,3 hits of hte jungle to break through. What i suggest doing is leaving your jungle spice open to the air, it seems to get stronger that way. I never seal my jungle spice in a container, and it is many times stronger then what it once was. The visuals have a cartoonish quality to them, and things can feel downright wrong at times. It's hard for me to explain what a break through experience on the jungle is like, at times it is pure insanity. It's hard to make any sense out of it but i'll give it a try. Last time i broke through i was listening to vicarious by tool. I remember seeing all of these strange dmt entities dancing to tool in a world of fractals. It felt like i was on a roller coaster ride flying through space, i then started seeing pictures of different landscapes but at a thousand times a second. Breaking through on the jungle is pure insanity. I remember one time i broke through i saw what looked like a dead jabba the hut flying on a hellish mount over an ocean of fire.
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