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Breaktrough they show me the left side again

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Hi every body

I smoked 20 mg befor a half hour whit the machine 100ml bottle i hit it very smooth an nicely no burn just cold soft vape i hit it three time in the fourt hit nothing more vapes and i begin too feel how my optic changes too edgy bubbles and closed my eyes.

I saw how slowly fraktals build up they looked in a aztec style the main color was green but not long after 15 second the middle of the fraktals opens up and i see a green room the room feels and looks like a green bubble whit plants i was outside still in the fraktal tunnel an look thru it then i feeld i a little push not a heavy push feelt like 2 meters then i was on this green room that i see thru the tunnel.

There was a entity in the middel of the room she was green and a bit yellow she looked like a mantis a big mantis she dont talked to me she just shows me to the left side all the trip long

After a few minutes its get weaker i opend my eyes everything looks like edgy bubbles filled whit particels

In my last breaks thrus 2 of it i say once apes in a aztec temple the showed me the left side

In another trip i saw a 2D shaman figure who showed me left whit its hand

But i cant look left in my trips i just can look straight i heard aboit alot of people qho shows around in there trips how yoi do that are you moving your real head or you want ???
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