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bridgesii %?

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Aloha! A friend of mine asked if i could process this for him and i figured it would be a good chance to try and extract mescaline since I have not attempted it yet. I was wondering how much mescaline might be in this cutting.

It is a bridgesii about 3ft long and it weighs about 2lbs. He claimed it would go for maybe 5 people if eaten straight.

Would i get at least a gram?


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That's nice, i think id rather just get some practice with the process though. Id just like to know what amounts to expect so that i can see how well id did. Even if i don't get much out of it I'll be satisfied knowing if i got a good yeild or not
It depends on a lot of factors. The species, genetics, quality of cactus etc.

How much dried outer flesh do you have? It could yield anywhere from nothing to 3% or even more in some cases. This should be from the dried weight of the outer flesh. It's hard to guess potency, but bridgesii tend to be more reliable than some species. Some are unusually strong, even up to 6% alkaloids.

There's only one way to find out how much is actually in there. Just keep a clone when possible or you might kick yourself later...
Its still whole undried. About 2lbs.
I have a small piece to plant :)

Does the core have absolutely no mescaline in it?
Whole brewed bridgesii is stronger than can be explained by its mescaline alone.
Analyses show dried bridgesii to contain 0.18-0.25% mescaline.
Assuming your stem is precisely 2 lbs, 94% water, and has 0.2% mescaline on the dry weight basis the stem will yield 109 mg mescaline freebase.

The core has almost no mescaline. The outer white flesh has half to 3/4 and the green flesh has the rest.
I ended up getting over a g of alkaloids from this. Washing some with M.E.K. dissolved almost all of it so i left it how it is seeing as it's really nice already. 200 mg was a fairly strong experience. Probably mostly other alks?
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