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Bufo Alvarius and Breast Feeding?

Migrated topic.
He must be a very good baby if she has the time to think about these kinds of things!

But anyway, safe or not, it seems unwise.
Any real answer?
Does anyone have any experience on this matter?
Searched and found this:
Helped a lot but even the offtopic discussion
Also found this:
Any advise will be of great help.
Been reading about adverse odd reactions to 5MeoDMT and desided to tell her she better wait at least until she stops breastfeeding the baby.
So she´s gonna wait for a couple of months.
I´m still interested in opinions about the topic.
mexico-magico said:
Any real answer?

My real answer was like the answer I gave, except way more judgemental and probably quite offensive.
A pregnant woman and a breast feeding woman are burdened with a responsibility to their child that takes precedence to their own desires. It's not fair but that's the way it is.
I am obviously pro-psychedelic but I am morally obliged to defend the sanctity of childhood, even in as ineffectual or ephemeral a forum as the internet.
I don't think there would be any adverse effects. Assuming 5meo is metabolized as quickly as dmt, the stuff would be long gone (out of the blood) before she breast feeds again.
for f's sake..
5meo is not like dmt..there have been some serious reactions in people which do not occur with dmt..
bufo alvarius is not just 5meo
pregnant woman equals very irresponsible..

i will vouch for the relative safety of dmt, as this is the dmt nexus, but i will not do the same for 5meo including adults
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