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Bufo Alvarius dose? First time sharing it. Cuanto Sapito?

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I want to share this medicine with my brother. This will be my first time sharing something as powerful as this medicine.
He´s been partaking in ayahuasca ceremonies back in peru and also here in méxico for the last two years and have also smoked spice twice with me as a trip sitter. We where very close when we where children we even shared our first mushroom trip back in the 90´s as teenagers.
We havent been this close since those years. Before we met again after years not seen each other he was addicted to cocaine and used to drink very heavily. That all changed after his very first ceremony.
My experience with sapito medicine has been great even I´ve seen and heard of people that stopped breathing for some seconds.
How much is enough for a "safe" breakthrough experience?
Thanks in advance for any helpful advise you can give on this.
The problem with the venom is that the concentration of 5-Me0-DMT can be anywhere from 10% to 25%. The problem of inefficient administration is also quite significant as 5-MeO is active at such small amounts.

I can't tell you what you should do, but I can tell what I did. My first time was 100mg dried venom, crushed and placed inside an oil burner. My sitter held two torch lighters underneath until it began to liquify and smoke at which point he instructed me to exhale completely (not into the pipe) and start inhaling the smoke slowly, speeding up on his command as the smoke released from the venom quicker. The ideas was to take the whole thing in one hit and hold my breath for 10 secs, which worked wonderfully. He had used 100mg many times with many people as a "guaranteed breakthrough" dose. I seem to recall him saying something to the effect of anywhere from 50mg to 100mg being a "therapeutic" dose, with 100mg being sort of the upper limit with in relative safety.

As I mentioned its tough to know exactly how much is safe, or effective as the venom varies in concentration of active compound(s). AFAIK there are more active compounds then just 5-MeO in the venom, but 5-MeO is definitely the predominant one.

The thing I can suggest to you is that if you do decided to use the venom, make sure you have a sober sitter to facilitate things like taking the hot pipe away, stopping the person from walking out a window, or going for a swim. People can be very physically active in all sorts of ways while under the influence of 5-MeO and have no comprehension of the real world.
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