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bufo alvarius on sale

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these lovely creatures are on sale at bbb...they have an excess of the little guys..and they are looking for homes for the poor things...personally i feel that using the toads to get their venom is not that nice at all...i think it stresses them out and makes them unhappy...

they are wonderful amazing little creatures..i love mine to death..but they arent the easiest pets to have...

if i could take mine to the desert and release her i would because i feel awful about having her in a cage...but i am not in the position to do that..

but these toads are homeless as of now..and if you would like to have a wise little creature...look no further...
it is very difficult getting them to mate. you might wanna contact the zoo in basel - they were the first to get them to mate indoors. that was last year. they sent specimens to the zoo in frankfurt. they are trying to get them to mate there too. you will need a VERY undisturbed room for keeping them in. they need as much peace and quiet as possible.

do not get them just for milking them. that would be kind of evil. also dont milk them too often. all the stuff you will need to get for them to have a comfy home is pretty expensive. you also need another place to "grow" their food. they eat insects. and they will be very happy if you feed the insects with special kinds of nutritious foods so they will ingest it via the insects. this hobby demands a lot of patience and is nothing you can do next to other hobbies.

i once had everything set up for keeping them but the store here didnt get em. bbb doesnt ship them overseas. which is ok. i wouldnt wanna be shipped overseas as an animal. it would be gruesome.

how often do you milk yours? i've also heard that it isnt really much stress milking it if you do it right. it takes a lot of practice tho and you will hurt them a lot of times until you get it right. i would be very interested in smoking some toad venom tho as i have heard that it also contains adrenaline and that the rush is supposed to be quite exiting.

i would trade you ANYTHING if you could send me a few doses of venom. i would try it once and the rest would become part of my collection of rare animal venoms. i also got some rattlesnake venom from the zoo. i like collecting these things.
i actually dont milk mine anymore...shes my little baby...but the venom is very potent..extremely even..and they are hard to keep and i feel awful about not being able to let her go free...i smoked the venom quite regularly for a couple of months..and that was my first intro into the dmtspaces...it wasnt anything like it of course but still really cool

but the venom contains bufotenine and 5-meo-dmt ...THAT is where the rush comes from...any adrenaline in it is totally masked...

and im pretty good at milking her...its really not that hard...you just have to get your thumb and pointer finger around the gland and squeeze it like a zit...

personally if anybody was to get them...dont get them for the venom..get them to take care of them...and love them for the amazing creatures that they are...i mean..the have one of the most powerful psychedelics on their heads! all the time! just take care of them..and make them happy to be alive
If god or darwin or the aliens put Bufo AND 5methoxy into these toads, dammit they were meant to be milked! :twisted:

No, seriously, I imagine most psychonauts interested in their unique properties would treat their toads better than their dog. I would like to aquire a pair to keep as mates and would ensure their aquarium was Trump-hotel style. I've been looking for an alvarius supplier in canada, there is someone in vancouver but i cannot find their contact info anymore and wonder how a frog would ship all the way east. (?)


If i threw a toad live into a blender and did a sraight a/b extraction on the whole bloody carcass, would i have to defat first?? HAHAHAH... a joke guys, i love animals and would never do that, i even feel bad throwing out mold that grows on my dishes in the sink (but also because i think of hoffman every time and wonder... "what if.....")

How many doses does one get in a single milking anyhow and does that mean you can't just lick the toad?

Are any other reptile venoms psychedelic!? I wonder with maois what an industrious zoologist might discover... i also wonder why plants and mushrooms and this reptile have these properties but not mammals, fruits, or veggies.
the venom is a POISON do not lick...it must be smoked...and depending on the size of your toad you can get quite a few hits...

the stuff is very magical and dankish...it most certainly tastes earthy and SWIM says that the experience is blissful
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